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Angling match results for the week ending 9 July 2023

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

If you would like your results included here, please contact Steve Cope on 01922 640247 or [email protected]


Bibby's/Stone & District AC Wednesday Sweepstake Match, Shropshire Union Canal, Trees Section, Shebdon, Staffs. Wed. Steve Askey 5-12-0 (perch to 2lb on worm); Kim Jones 5-5-0 (hybrids and small perch on maggot); Colin Barnes 3-8-0 (bits); Maurice Pass 3-6-0; (Joint 5th) Terry Proctor 3-0-0; James Dennison 3-0-0.

Bridgtown Social AC, Shropshire Union Canal, Little Onn, nr. Wheaton Aston, Staffs. Sun. Charlie Smith (Bridgtown Social AC) 23-0-0 (bream to 4lb plus a few small hybrids and mixed silvers); Hughie Blair Snr. (Bridgtown Social AC) 7-1-12 (a big eel plus mixed fish); Colin Tillet (Bridgtown Social AC) 5-6-14 (mixed silvers); Dave Smith (Bridgtown Social AC) 5-6-4 (mixed silvers); Tony Beech (Bridgtown Social AC) 4-15-0 (mixed silvers); Roger Corbett (Bridgtown Social AC) 4-9-2 (mixed silvers).

Canal Kings Open, Birmingham Main Line Canal (BCN), Soho Loop, Clissold Street Section, Winson Green, B'ham. Sun. Andy Curless (Drennan NW) 9-9-0; Martin Owen (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 7-13-4; Dave Arnold (Sportsman AA) 6-12-0; Tony Bowen (Canal Kings) 6-6-0; Sir David Sheaf (Canal Kings) 5-12-0; Mick Hatchard (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 5-4-8; Pete Halton (ZLT) 4-13-6. (lots more roach showing).

Canal Masters 2023 Qualifier No. 4, Shropshire Union Canal, Goldstone & Soudley, Shrops. Sun (60 fished). Lee Darbyshire (Manchester) 22-2-0; Steve Broome (Maver Midlands) 19-2-4; Peter Keenan (Liverpool AS) 15-6-2; Alex Clegg (Wigan MG) 15-3-12; Shaun Paddon (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 14-4-8; Ant Marsden (Wigan MG) 14-4-0. Qualifiers: Colin Mayor; Steve Broome; Lee Darbyshire; Mike Marsden; Dave Edgerley; Shaun Paddon.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Ball Lane Section, Coven, Staffs. Thurs PM., 4 hour match. Tony Beech (Goodyear AC) 4-5-15 (170 mixed fish on various baits); Malcolm Bethell (Goodyear AC) 3-9-15 (perch and roach on maggot and worm); Joe Athersmith (Goodyear AC) 1-7-5 (mainly little gudgeon and roach). Sun., Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, 3 Hammers Golf Course Section, Coven, Staffs (16 fished). Ash Cooper (Goodyear AC) 8-9-0 (three decent bream plus a hybrid and mixed fish on maggot and bread punch); Dave Richard (Goodyear AC) 4-11-14 (roach, skimmers and bits, mainly on caster); Fred ‘the Bread' Cheetham (Goodyear AC) 4-8-8 (roach and skimmers on hemp); Bernie Leatherbarrow (Goodyear AC) 4-5-6 (roach and skimmers); Phil ‘Jonty' Johnson (Goodyear AC) 4-4-12 (roach, skimmers and gudgeon); Mel ‘Killer' Wood (Goodyear AC) 4-2-12 (mainly roach and gudgeon on squatt and pinkie over groundbait).

HanKat Superteam AS Open, Dudley No. 2 Canal, Woodside Pegs 158-177, Netherton, W. Mids. Sat. Tony Bowen (Canal Kings) 5-14-10; Noel Wilkins 4-7-12; Sir David Sheaf (Canal Kings) 4-1-4; Stu Cutler (HanKat Superteam AS) 3-15-8; Jenny Walters (Maver Central) 3-15-15; Chris Rice (Sensas Black Country) 3-14-2.

Sportsman AA Open, Walsall Canal (BCN), Ocker Hill, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat (10 fished). Dave Anderson (Sportsman AA) 9-11-3 (bream and roach); Karl Haywood (Sportsman AA) 6-13-15 (roach and perch); Mal Galliers (Sportsman AA) 5-7-0 (bream, roach and skimmers); Dave Arnold (Sportsman AA) 5-2-0 (roach and perch); Paul Norledge (Barford AA) 3-14-9; Tony Garrett (Sportsman AA) 3-3-3.

Stoke City DAA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, right-hand side of the Junction Inn to the Cables, Norbury Junction, Staffs. Sat. Bob Yeomans (Team Les ‘O') 7-9-0; Dave Berrow (Sparks MG) 6-8-0; Bernie Leatherbarrow (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 6-7-12; Keith Hulland (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 6-3-0; Steve Askey (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 6-0-8; Sam Rushton (Drennan NW) 5-2-12.

Tring Old Codgers, Grand Union Canal, Broughton, Aylesbury, Bucks. Tues. Martin Rodwell 6-3-0; Paul Hedges 1-2-0; Pete Leech 1-10-8. (fish came to punch and pinkie mostly).

Wigan AA Flyers, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Heatons Bridge Section, Ormskirk, Lancs. Sat. Tony Richardson 11-6-4; Colin Cliffe 8-3-4; Steve Ashworth 8-2-12. Sections: Pegs 1-11 — Kenny Sharples 8-0-0; Pegs 12-22 — Kenny Smith 7-0-0.

Wolverhampton AA Summer 2023 Three Day Festival, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Wombourne, S. Staffs. Wed., Day One (76 fished in all matches). Simon Preece (Drennan NW) 14-7-0; Kevin Clarke (Wigan MG) 7-12-0; Gary Owen (Mal Storey's) 7-10-10; Steve Broome (Maver Midlands) 6-0-8; Lee Richards (Wolverhampton AA) 5-15-14; Dave Brown (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 5-3-10. Thurs., Day Two, Shropshire Union Canal, Pendeford, W. Mids. Paul Turner (Colmic UK) 13-6-4; Dave Trafford (Matrix LTB) 12-14-8; Marc Element (Matrix LTB) 9-1-0; Dave McCall (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 8-0-8; Michael Davies (Wigan MG) 7-7-10; Michael Gorry (Scunthorpe) 6-14-2. Fri., Day Three, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Penkridge, Staffs. Carl Westwood (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 15-3-0; Dave Brown (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 14-0-0; Kevin Clarke (Wigan MG) 11-12-5; Gary Owen (Mal Storey's) 11-2-0; Sam Rushton (Drennan NW) 10-13-8; Simon Mottram (Drennan NW) 9-4-12. Festival overall: Dave Trafford (Matrix LTB) 10 (on weight); Richard Guest (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 10; Kevin Clarke (Wigan MG) 11; Steve Broome (Maver Midlands) 12 (on weight); Dave Edgerley (Wigan MG) 12; Chris Furnival (Sportsman AC) 14.

Wolverhampton Over 60's Club Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Mucky Lane Section, Wheaton Aston, Staffs. Wed (12 fished). Glenn Law (Sparks MG) 13-10-13 (a 4lb chub, two big perch plus caster-roach); Phil ‘Jonty' Johnson (Sesnas Lifestyle MG) 8-2-2; Mick Hatchard (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 8-0-4; Keith Holbrook (Rough Hay AC) 7-2-7; Bernie Leatherbarrow (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 6-8-8; Dennis Sumner (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 5-2-7.


Angling Trust Riverfest 2023 Qualifier, River Severn, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sat (59 fished). Liam Darler (Browning Hotrods) 44-4-0 (three early barbel then chub and a few more barbel on caster feeder in the latter stages); Matt Maginnis (KDAA) 34-4-0 (chub on waggler); Paul Johnson (Cardiff) 32-2-0; Paul Bick (Daiwa Dorking) 30-8-0 (all bream); Ian Courtney (Birkenhead) 30-4-0 (five barbel on the caster feeder); Ian Winter (Sensas Smithy's) 26-4-0. Qualifiers: A Zone – Liam Darler (Browning Hotrods) 44-4-0; B Zone – Ian Courtney (Birkenhead) 30-4-0; C Zone – Matt Maginnis (KDAA) 34-4-0.

Angling Trust Riverfest 2023 Qualifier, Warwickshire Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks. Sun (60 fished). Hadrian Whittle 65-3-0 (quality chub on float-fished maggot); Owen Robinson 59-8-0 (bream); Tony Avery 31-6-0; Paul Passmore 29-0-0; Pete Mace 24-0-0. Qualifiers: A Zone – Hadrian Whittle 65-3-0; B Zone (Joint) – Martin Challenger 19-14-0; Jesse Edwards 19-14-0; C Zone – Owen Robinson 59-8-0.

Barford AA Three Day Festival 2023, Warwickshire Avon, Barford, Warks. Mon., Day One (47 fished in all matches). Dean Young (Tornadoes AC) 46-0-0 (chub); Shane Edwards (Barford AA) 20-9-0 (chub); Mal Watson (Sensas Manor Angling) 19-10-0 (mainly two barbel); Ian Patrick (Barford AA) 15-14-0 (two bream and one chub); Tony Marshall (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 15-9-0 (four bream); Nigel Davis (Barford AA) 14-9-0 (chub). Wed., Day Two. Alex Graham (Barford AA) 26-9-0 (chub); Tony Marshall (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 19-11-0 (chub); Rob Sreeves (Sensas Manor Angling) 17-9-0 (three barbel); John Stockton (Barford AA) (86 years young) 12-2-0 (inc. the best fish of the week a 9lb 8oz barbel); Dave Hollands (Barford AA) 10-15-0; Dean Young (Tornadoes AC) 8-1-0. Fri., Day Three. Jim Wiltshire (Barford AA) 22-5-0 (chub); Dave Leavesley (Barford AA) 14-3-0 (chub); James Robbins (Cadence) 12-9-0 (chub); Ian Shaw (Coors AC) 11-6-0 (chub); John ‘Evergreen' Stockton (Barford AA) 9-1-0 (inc. one barbel); Tom Hitchman (Barford AA) 7-8-0. Festival overall: Dean Young (Tornadoes AC) 6 (two section wins and a total weight of 54-1-8); Mal Watson (Sensas Manor Angling) 6 (two section wins and a total weight of 25-13-0); Geoff Garrish (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 6 (two section wins and a total weight of 10-3-8); Mike Davies (Barford AA) 6 (one section win); Jim Wiltshire (Barford AA) 8 (one section win and a total weight of 25-7-8); John Stockton (Barford AA) 8 (one section win and a total weight of 22-3-0); Nick West (Quorn AS) 8 (one section win and a total weight of 14-4-8). Best fish of the week: John Stockton with a 9lb 8oz barbel.

Cradley Heath Labour AC, Lower Severn (BAA Waters), Birds Meadow, Worcs. Sun. Sean Waite (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 45-12-0 (bream to 6lb on groundbait feeder); Garry Mason (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 27-0-0; Phil Cooper (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 11-7-0; Lawrie Mulheron (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 7-6-0; Andy Sloan (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 6-9-0.

Darlaston AC, River Severn (BAA Waters), Ripple, Worcs. Sun. Marshall Sherwood (Darlaston AC) 27-6-8; Daz Joiner (Darlaston AC) 27-2-0; Andy Sherwood (Darlaston AC) 26-2-8. (all bream nets to groundbait feeder).

Droitwich Spa Members Only Match, Warwickshire Avon, Twyning, Glos. Thurs. A. Baldwin 19-1-4; D. English 17-3-8; K. Hunt 16-8-8; L. Merrell 15-4-12; J. Curtis 13-13-8; Mike Shellard 10-15-12.

Kidderminster & District Angling Association Open, River Severn, Bewdley, Worcs. Sat. Tony Moreton 34-5-0; Brian Jones 24-7-0; Geoff Brierley 22-2-0; Lyndon Asberry 20-4-0; Craig Harrison 15-4-0; Gary Weaver 15-3-0. (chub made up most of the weights).

Medway Masters Two Day Event, River Medway, Barming Up and Down, Maidstone, Kent. Sat/Sun (60 fished). Overall: Trevor Froud 41-15-0 (pegs 12 and 72. mainly bream from 72 on feeder with worm); Doug Botley 40-13-0; Mark Lindsey 18-3-0; Paul Medcraft 14-7-0; Melvyn Oakley 12-15-0; Mark Campion 12-13-0; Steve Palmer 12-3-0; Steve Davey 11-5-0.

Northwich AA Open, River Weaver, Dredger & Oak Tree Lengths, Northwich, Ches. Sat. Lewis Breeze 11-3-0 (roach and skimmers); Ross Collinson 6-13-8 (eels); Graham Sixsmith 6-8-12; Simon Wilkinson 6-2-4.

South West Super League, Round 3, River Stour, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sun 2nd July. Mark Kimber (DGL Red) 20-13-0 (six bream, one tench plus bits on 13 metre pole with red maggot over groundbait); Rob Manns (Thatchers/Sonubaits) 15-13-0 (a 4lb tench, roach and hybrids on pole-fished maggot); Sean Townsend (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 13-6-0; Ricky Searle (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 11-2-0; Liam Bradell (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 9-15-0; Rob Randall (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 8-10-0. Teams: Thatchers/Sonubaits 29; Preston Innovations Thatchers 24; Garbolino Blackmore Vale 23. League: DGL Gold 88; Thatchers/Sonubaits 75; Sensas Devizes MG Black 74.5; DGL Red 59 (one section win); Preston Innovations Thatchers 59 (one section win); Sensas 88 52.5; Garbolino Blackmore Vale 52; RIVE Homestores 43; Sensas Devizes MG Green 37.

Spilsby AA, River Steeping, Pegs 9-14, Spilsby, Lincs. Wed. Dave Ashmore 8-5-0 (inc. a 4lb tench); Peter Harker 3-9-0; Dave Dean 3-6-0.

Winsford DAA Evening Sweepstake Match, River Weaver (National Length), Winsford, Ches. Mon Eve. Lewis Breeze (Winsford Anglers) 30-0-0 (eight bream on pole); Steve Flood (Winsford Anglers) 7-13-0 (two bream on pole); Andy Hoyle (Winsford Anglers) 7-10-0 (one bream plus eight skimmers on the tip).

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Kiveton Waters Match, Sheffield, S. Yorks. Sat., Rose's Lake. Steve Brittle 45-8-0; Craig Harper 43-11-0; Mick Mason 43-10-0.


Boston DAA, Sibsey Trader Drain, Golf Course Section, Boston, Lincs. Sun 2nd July. Don Green 13-9-0 (a 6lb 1oz bream, one tench plus some good perch); Dave Ashmore 9-5-0 (small skimmers and perch); Mark Griggs 6-6-0 (small fish). Sections: A Section – Paul Webster 5-6-0; B Section – Keith Clifton 5-7-0.


Blackfords Progressive Association Match, Kingswood Lake, Cannock, Staffs. Sat. Bob Harris (Blackfords) 37-3-0 (eleven bream on Method feeder); Ashley Poxton (Sneyd AC) 37-1-0 (bream on conventional feeder and roach on the pole); Steve McQueen (Cannock) 22-2-0 (roach); Clive James (Blackfords) 21-5-0 (bream on Method feeder).

Bridgnorth British Legion AC, Hoccom Pool, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun 2nd July. Rick Rogers 31-0-0; Graham Ilic 22-8-0; Terry Jervis 21-10-0; Phil Hancox 19-6-0.

Long Eaton Fed., Brewery Ponds, Shardlow, Derbys. Wed. Steve Till (Long Eaton Fed.) 10-11-8 (tench); Rob Wright (Long Eaton Fed.) 8-1-0; Derek Jackson (3 Counties) 5-13-0; Dave Singer (Mill Tackle) 5-8-0; Rob Pembridge (Soldiers & Sailors) 5-7-0; Chris Wright (Dynamite Derby Angling Federation) 4-8-0.

Patshull Park Three Day Summer Festival 2023, Great Lake, Pattingham, Staffs. Wed., Day One. Paul Boothby (Ian's Tackle) 27-2-0; Brian Clark (Telford) 21-3-0; Rob Brennan (Garbolino) 19-1-0. Thurs., Day Two. Ben Stanford (Monkhall) 28-2-0; Paul Bucknell (Little Dawley AC) 26-2-0; Rob Brennan (Garbolino) 25-1-0. Fri., Day Three. Paul Boothby (Ian's Tackle) 26-10-0; Brian Clark (Telford) 26-0-0; Rob Brennan (Garbolino) 22-10-0. Festival overall: 1st Paul Boothby (Ian's Tackle); 2nd Rob Brennan (Garbolino); 3rd Ben Stanford (Monkhall); 4th Brian Clark (Telford).

Preston Innovations Feeder Masters 2023 Qualifier, Patshull Park, Great Lake, Pattingham, Staffs. Sun (59 fished). Matt Williams 24-7-0; Nathan Gooderham 23-14-0; Ben Lawrence 20-15-0; Alan Norrish 19-4-0. Qualifiers: Matt Williams 24-7-0; Cagsy Parry 17-12-0; Brian Clark 17-11-0.

Staunton Harold Open, Staunton Harold Reservoir, Melbourne, Derbys. Sun 2nd July. Gareth Lambert 37-10-0; Steve Stone 30-11-0; Sam Collett 30-0-0.


A.J. Jewson Tuesday Series, Sykehouse Fishery, Goole, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Tues., Match Lake (23 fished). Andy Lumb (Lowhills AC) 337-4-0 (paste for carp to 12lb); Tom Barlow (Dynamite/Drennan Barnsley) 200-14-0 (pellet for carp to 10lb); John Holdsworth (Tri-Cast Calder) 184-10-0; Eric Green (Mirfield Angling Club) 164-12-0; Ian Sutcliffe (Tri-Cast Calder) 162-1-0; Steve Mitchell (Brighouse AA) 128-10-0.

Angling Trust Fish ‘O' Mania 2023 Qualifier, Drennan Lindholme Lakes, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Wed (100 fished). Jon Arthur 331-10-0; James Woodfine 251-0-0; Ted Wheeler 248-1-0; Craig Tidswell 247-14-0; Kieran Marsden 241-12-0; Keith Jones 241-3-0. Qualifier: Jon Arthur.

Blundell Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Open, Trio, East, West, Pine & Ash Lakes. Alan Sharman 157-2-0 (mainly F1s to 5lb on pole-fished pellet at 13 metres and down the edge); Jon Davies (Stalybridge Angling Centre) 152-0-0 (poled caster shallow under a bush for carp to 6lb); Harry Billing (Garbolino/Sonubaits) 109-13-0.

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester. Sat., Open, Lake 9. John Chapman 135-13-0; Andrew Willenbrook 124-10-0; Pete Humphries 113-15-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Snake Lakes 1 & 2. Steve Conroy 159-15-0; Nick Butterworth 130-14-0; George McHugh 110-11-0.

Eden Grange Fishery, Shildon, County Durham. Sat., Open, Hackworth Lake. Andy Nelson 241-4-0; Chris Owers 156-6-0; Alfie Snowdon 155-9-0. FA Supercup Ties: Andy Nelson 241-4-0 Vs. Chris Owers 156-6-0; Kev Wadge 141-0-0 Vs. Andy Ryan 131-13-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Open, Match Pool (19 fished). Dennis Lutwyche (Hawkesbury) 99-9-0 (carp to 10lb on Method feeder with corn and pellet); Dave Armstrong (Hawkesbury) 91-10-0 (caster shallow on the pole for carp to 10lb); Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 88-14-0 (carp to 1lb 8oz plus around 30lb of bream to 5lb on poled paste).

High Heyes Farm Fishery (The Catteries) Open, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat. Jay Declouet 170-12-0; Paul Wharton 115-0-0; Matt Latham 74-8-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sat 1st July., Open, Owl Pool. Mitch Davidson (Drennan NW) 184-12-0; Andy Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 175-8-0; Jim Bates (Monkhall) 161-0-0. Sun 2nd July., Open, Owl Pool. Tim Cadwallader (Monkhall) 187-2-0; Darren Hudson (Monkhall) 170-2-0; John Hudson (Monkhall) 152-2-0.

Nisa Feeders Open, Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Wed., Phase One-Lake Two. Sam Collett (NuFish/Dynamtie Baits) 292-8-0 (carp on Method feeder with maggot and groundbait then margins on pole) (BEST NISA OPEN WEIGHT OF THE YEAR SO FAR); Andy Findlay (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 189-3-0 (carp on Method feeder with pellet); Shane Sayer (Bennett's Tackle & Bait) 150-15-0 (inc. 62lb 10oz of bream); Shaun Weed (Old Works Angling Club) 146-1-0 (carp on the short pole and margins with 8mm pellet); Simon Frost 135-12-0; John Adamson (Nisa Feeder Products) 115-13-0; Ricky Arms (Hinckley) 99-9-0; Tony Lamb (Elephant & Castle AC) 96-15-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool (20 fished). Daniel Wooding 209-9-0 (carp and F1s); Lee Davies 144-3-0 (carp and F1s); John Burchell 123-8-0 (carp and F1s); Findlay Tanner 117-1-0 (carp and F1s). Sat., Open, Big Geary's Pool (16 fished). Paul Terry 159-4-0 (carp); Trevor Hodges 118-11-0 (carp); Max Higgott 114-7-0 (carp); Ian Keywood 108-14-0 (carp). Sun., Open, Molands Mere Pool (31 fished). Max Higgott 211-7-0 (carp and F1s); Stephen Bellion 154-12-0 (carp and F1s); Jack Shirley 142-3-0 (carp and F1s); Lee Davies 127-11-0 (carp and F1s); Andy Christie 111-5-0 (carp and F1s); Derek Hartshorn 107-6-0 (carp and F1s).

Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Covey Lakes 1, 3 & 4 (31 fished). James Woodrow 127-15-0; Mark Derbyshire 118-13-0; Wayne Kearney 117-12-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Over 60's Open, Sycamore Pool. Bill Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 100-13-0; Clive Wright (Preston Innovations Boldings) 81-11-0; Eric Bancroft (Preston Innovations Boldings) 80-2-0; Colin Reynolds (Preston Innovations Boldings) 71-13-0. Tues., Drop Outs AC, Chestnut Pool. John Watkins (Drop Outs AC) 124-7-0; Mark Warner (Drop Outs AC) 102-1-0; Bill Ansell (Drop Outs AC) 100-12-0; Phil Whitehouse (Drop Outs AC) 88-14-0; Ian Thomas (Drop Outs AC) 86-11-0; Trevor Gee (Drop Outs AC) 81-3-0. Wed., Open, Chestnut Pool. Steve Lovell (Maver Midlands) 242-5-0; Rich Pedlar (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 193-1-0; Ian Stangroom (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 176-6-0; Ziggy Lees (Preston Innovations Boldings) 159-6-0. Thurs., Over 60's Open, Sycamore Pool. Clive Wright (Preston Innovations Boldings) 106-2-0; Bill Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 101-1-0; John Benjamin (Preston Innovations Boldings) 100-0-0. Sat., Oswestrians AC, Oak Pool. Kenny Humphreys (Oswestrians AC) 79-8-0; Gary Lockley (Oswestrians AC) 76-3-0; Rob Hancox (Oswestrians AC) 67-0-0; Paul Hemming (Oswestrians AC) 63-4-0; Dave Stokes (Oswestrians AC) 61-7-0; Dave Duper (Oswestrians AC) 61-4-0. Sun., Open, Oak & Willow Pools. Gaz Willey (Walsall) 160-8-0; Bill Rathbone (St. Francis) 160-7-0; Rob Hodson 154-15-0; Richard Lawson (Shrewsbury) 136-2-0; Ziggy Lees (Preston Innovations Boldings) 131-4-0; Mark Rathbone (St. Francis) 129-0-0.

Quarry Pool Fishery, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Thurs., Open. Gary Steele (Tankies) 115-8-0; Steve Owen (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 101-13-0; Steve Walters (Chestnut Tree AC) 101-8-0; Adam Rumble (Preston Innovations) 94-4-0. Sat., Mosborough Miners AC. L. Hall (Mosborough Miners AC) 141-0-0; R. Marshal (Mosborough Miners AC) 132-4-0; J. Turner (Mosborough Miners AC) 113-2-0. Sun., Vine AC. D. Payne (Vine AC) 139-4-0; K. Walters (Vine AC) 103-0-0; P. Howell (Vine AC) 85-2-0.

Spilsby AA Tuesday Evening Series, Match 9, Toad Hall Fishery, Candlesby, nr. Spilsby, Lincs. Tues Eve. Dave Andrew 56-9-0; Alan Slater 49-11-0; Tony Hancock 44-5-0; Clive White 33-2-0; Neil Williams 28-0-0; Dennis Houghton 24-13-0.

The Cunneries Fishery, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat., Open, S Canal. Daz Marshall 90-9-0; Eric Thomas 79-13-0; Jon Slocket 78-4-0.

The Oaks Lakes, Sessay, N. Yorks. Sat., Open, Cedar Lake. Josh Sawyer 131-2-0; Steve Baraclough 124-13-0; Rob Wood 124-11-0.

The Old Hough Coarse Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Open, Goose & Lower Benbo Pools. Paul Davies 119-10-0; Carl Day 87-9-0; Andy Bridge 68-1-0.

Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Open, Ash Lake (10 fished). Charlie Dalton 347-4-0; Simon Stacey 294-2-0; Drew Elgyton 216-8-0.

Viaduct Fishery, Somerton, Somerset. Sat., Open, Campbell Lake (16 fished). Ben Hagg 355-5-0; Martin Preston 245-8-0; Jack Stamp 227-7-0. Silvers: Steve Denmead 64-3-0; James Rock 52-10-0; Mark Saunders 47-4-0.

Whitmore Fisheries, Greenhalgh, Preston, Lancs. Sat., Open, East Canal (19 fished). Gary Gunn 88-9-0; Nick Jenkins 82-0-0; Stu Kennedy 81-9-0.

Last Edited: 11 July 2023

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