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Angling match results for the week ending 20 March 2022

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

If you would like your results included here, please contact Steve Cope on 01922 640247 or [email protected]


Dave's of Middlewich Individual League, Final Round (6), Trent & Mersey Canal, Elworth, nr. Sandbach, Ches. Sun. Stef ‘Stone Roach' Johansen (Team Eclipse) 14-0-0 (caster and hemp-roach to 12oz); Lewis Kenyon (Crewe MG) 8-14-7; Tony Crolla (Manchester) 7-15-0; Chris Harvey (Crewe MG) 6-15-0; Dean Meadows (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 5-5-8; Jimmy Gibbs (Colmic NW) 4-14-0. Final league: Simon Preece (Cresta Gamakatsu) 27 (four section wins) (£255 plus a Dave's of Middlewich £40 voucher); Steve Ashworth (Preston Innovations NW/Sonubaits) 27 (three sections wins); Stef ‘Stone Roach' Johansen (Team Eclipse) 26; Shaun Birchall (Saints) 25 (on weight); Lewis Kenyon (Crewe MG) 25; Dave McCall (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 24 (three section wins); John Cookson (Sensas NW) 24 (two section wins); George Cooke (Team Les ‘O') 23 (three section wins); Simon Walton (Matrix Halifax) 23 (two section wins); Dave Chadwick (Matrix Halifax) 23 (one section win).

Droitwich Canal Spring League, Round 1, Droitwich Canal, Droitwich, Worcs., Sun (40 fished). Sean Reidy (Sensas Manor Angling) 6-0-4 (roach and perch); John Maloney (Droitwich Spa) 4-9-4; Steve Appleton (Sensas Manor Angling) 4-7-0; Ryan Hemming 4-6-0; Paul Turner (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 3-14-4; Roger Evans 2-9-1.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, The Anchor PH Section, Coven, Staffs. Sun. Mel ‘Killer' Wood (Goodyear AC) 4-0-7 (skimmers and perch); Tommy Cross (Goodyear AC) 3-10-2; Ray Campbell (Goodyear AC) 2-13-2; Johnny Benness (Goodyear AC) 2-11-7; Steve Cope (Goodyear AC) 2-7-11; Michael Thomson (Goodyear AC) 2-2-11.

Leicester Canal Championship 2022, Grand Union Canal, Glen Parva & Wigston, Leics. Sun. Bob Ashford 4-13-8 (quality skimmers); Brian Hoyle 4-3-8 (mixed bag inc. a good perch); Richard Hearne 3-15-0; Steve Kirton 3-9-0.

Leigh DAA Opens, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, East Langs & Marsland Green & Great Folds Flats Sections, Leigh, Wigan, Gtr. Manchester. Sat. Danny Martin 9-15-8; Ant Marsden 6-2-4; Daz Shaw 5-15-8. Sun., Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Plank Lane End Section, Leigh, Wigan, Gtr. Manchester. Alan Crook 7-9-0; Tommy Fairhurst 6-6-0; Daz Shaw 6-0-0; Ant Marsden 5-6-7; D. Bradley 5-4-0; Ian Fewtrell 5-1-7.

Long Eaton Fed. Open, Erewash Canal, Dockholme, Derbys. Sat. Andy Astle (Lough borough MG) 6-13-0 (a big hybrid and perch); Julian Garner (Long Eaton Fed.) 5-5-0; Pete Allwood (Long Eaton Fed.) 5-2-0; Rob Parker (Drennan Leics. VDE) 3-11-8; John Lock (Loughborough MG) 2-2-8; Colin Talbot (Sensas Black Country) 1-14-0.

Moira Canal Spring League, Round 1, Moira Canal, Conkers Basin & The Furnace & Donisthorpe Sections, Leics. Sun 13th Mar (44 fished). Steve Posiak (Sparks MG Black) 5-3-0; Karl Murphy (Sensas Team Dark Horse) 4-13-0; Paul Middleton (Sparks MG) 4-7-0; Lee Bennett (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 4-6-0; Julian Warrington (Sensas Team Dark Horse) 3-15-0; Barry Carr (Sparks MG) 3-14-0. Teams: Sparks MG Black 7; Sensas Team Dark Horse 8; Rive Black 9; Sensas UK 10; Loughborough 12; Raygill Blue 13; Sparks MG 14; (Joint 8th) Sensas Lifestyle MG 19; Rive Blue 19; Springers 23.

Northampton/Nene AC Open, Grand Union Canal, Weedon to Dodford, W. Northants. Sun. Rob Pottinger 5-6-0 (a 2lb bream, a skimmer plus roach to 1lb); Steve Brooks 5-5-0 (perch and skimmers); Simon Cordingley 4-3-0; Steve Joy 4-1-0.

Sensas Lifestyle MG/Izaak Walton (Stafford) AA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, 2nd Aqueduct Section, Norbury Junction, Staffs. Sat. Dave Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 1-8-14; Glenn Law (Sparks MG) 1-6-14; Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 1-4-10; Keith Hulland (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 0-15-12; Keith Holbrook (Rough Hay AC) 0-10-8; Mel ‘Killer' Wood (Four Ashes AC) 0-8-12.

Sportsman AA Open, Walsall Canal, Eyston Avenue Section (back of the houses), Ocker Hill, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat. Dave Anderson (Sportsman AA) 1-4-10; Dave Sheaf (Canal Kings) 1-2-8; Chris Taylor (Sportsman AC) 1-1-2.

Sportsman AC Opens, Walsall Canal, Metro Bridge Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Wed. Les Wardley (Sportsman AC) 4-4-0; Baz Buckley (Sportsman AC) 2-13-0; Dave Arnold (Sportsman AC) 2-11-0. Sun., Birmingham Main Line Canal (BCN), Tunnel End Section, Dudley Port, Tipton, W. Mids. Mark Whiles (Sportsman AC) 11-12-0; Pete Fellows (Sportsman AA) 9-6-0; Dave Reynolds (Sportsman AC) 9-3-0; Mal Galliers (Sportsman AA) 8-11-0.

Storey's Halesowen RBL, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Hinksford, S. Staffs. Sun. Stewart Mulheron (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 12-5-0 (£100 bonus peg) (bream, skimmers, perch and a chub); Sean Waite (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 6-10-0; Geoff Garrish (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 5-4-0; John Billingham (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 4-5-0; Malcolm Merrick (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 3-14-8.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, Kirklees, W. Yorks. Sat. Simon Walton (Rochdale Angling) 7-6-0 (caster-roach to 10oz); Pete Allott (Poleking Tri-Cast Calder) 4-8-0 (caster and pinkie-roach to 8oz); Keith Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-12-0; Richard Jackson (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-8-0; Lee Simpson (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-5-8; Paul McMillan (Matrix Halifax) 2-3-0.

Towcester Vets, Grand Union Canal, Yardley Haystacks Section, Yardley Gobion, Northants. Wed 9th Mar. Mick Goodridge 1-12-0; Dave White 1-8-0; Harry Harris 0-8-0.

Tring Old Codgers, Grand Union Canal, Bank Mill Lane Section, Berkhamsted, Herts. Tues. Andy Allday 7-2-0; Martin Rodwell 3-1-0; Dave Moore 2-15-0.

Wellingborough Teams of Four Winter League Final, Grand Union Canal, Foxton to the Piggeries, Leics. Sun 13th Mar (48 fished). Sam Bicklerley (Browning Silverlite) 5-4-11; Steve Brookes (Wellingborough A) 4-8-2; Simon Johnson (Loughborough Soar) 4-6-6; J. Johnson (Colmic Red) 4-3-14. Teams: Wellingborough A 39; (Joint 2nd) Browning Sphere 32; Three Counties 32; Colmic Black 31; Browning Silverlite 29; Wellingborough B 28. Final league: Browning Sphere 11; Colmic Black 14; Wellingborough A 16; Browning Silverlite 19; (Joint 5th) Three Counties 22; Colmic Blue 22; Colmic Red 25; Wellingborough B 28; Maver MK 29; SAS 38; (Joint 11th) Browning Ziton 42; Loughborough Soar 42.

Wolverhampton AA Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Wombourne, S. Staffs. Wed. Tony Walsh (Sensas) 4-4-4; Steve Broome (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 4-0-8; Dick Tranter (WMP Maver/Spotted Fin) 2-0-0; Pete Chilton (Sensas Storey's) 0-10-14; Paul Turner (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 0-10-8; Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 0-7-0.


Milton Keynes Vets, River Ouzel, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Wed 9th Mar. Peter Whatley 20-6-0 (roach); Roger Clutton 17-5-0; Paul Chapman 11-12-0.

St. Neots & District Fish Preservation & Angling Society Open, River Gt. Ouse, Riverside Backwaters Stretch, St. Neots, Cambs. Sun 13th Mar. Malcolm Gibbs 9-9-0 (punch-roach); Clive Cole 4-2-0; Alex Dragoi 3-4-0.

Towcester/Nene Sweep, River Gt. Ouse, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun 13th Mar. Dave Rose 9-2-0 (perch to 2lb); Mick Goodridge 7-2-0; Andy Law 6-6-0 (inc. a 5lb 11oz chub).

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Boddington Open, Boddington Reservoir, nr. Byfield, Northants. Tues. Pete Caton 68-8-0; Stu Palser 50-12-0; Richie Watts 50-4-0; Wayne Sharman 38-12-0.


The Graham Welton Knock-up, 20ft. Drain, Old River Nene, March, Cambs. Mon. Graham Welton 22-5-0 (small silvers); John Taylor 21-2-0 (inc. a 1lb+ perch); Craig Shaw 11-12-0; Bob Nudd 11-10-0.


Buckley AA, The Trap Pool, Buckley, Flintshire, N.W. Wales. Sun. Ken Edwards 9-8-0; Justin Westbrook 6-12-0; Steve Martin 5-0-0.

County Vets, Canons, Northants. Sun 13th Mar. Dave White 11-7-0; Geoff Lewis 10-13-0; Bob Spencer 6-2-0.

Long Eaton Fed., Brewery Ponds, Shardlow, Derbys. Wed. Jim Marcer (Belper) 17-0-0 (tench); Pete Allwood (Long Eaton Fed.) 11-6-0; Bill Hanley (Stanton) 10-12-0; Ivan Carrier (Long Eaton Victoria) 9-15-0; Ron Scales (Bennetts MG) 6-15-0; John Brockway (Long Eaton Fed.) 6-1-0.


Blundell Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Open, Trio & Ash Lakes (43 fished). Ian Welsh (Cresta Hooks) 148-4-0 (carp to 8lb); Andy Musgrove (Edgeley Sports) 99-9-0; Will Rimmer 50-0-0; Harry Billing (Garbolino) 45-2-0.

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester. Sat., Open, Lakes 8 & 9. Charlie Law 83-12-0; Lee Addy 74-15-0; Pete Humphries 73-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Snake Lakes 1 & 2. Stuart Conroy 55-6-0; Chris Ruscoe 49-12-0; Steve Conroy 49-11-0.

Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Wed 9th Mar., Open, Grendon Lake. Paul Robinson 15-12-0; Paul Hardman 9-10-0; Mick Hewlett 4-15-0. Sun 13th Mar., Open, Grendon Lake. Matt Elson 18-14-0; Paul Robinson 12-9-0; (Joint 3rd) Wayne Robinson 11-12-0; Kev Taylor 11-12-0.

Firswood Fisheries Open, Skelmersdale, Lancs. Sat. Sam Power 96-6-0; Matty Higgins 94-1-0; Frank Cooke 75-7-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Barby Marshes, Barby, Rugby, Warks. Sun 13th Mar. Mick Chambers 12-2-0; Nick Holmes 7-15-0; Fred Johnson 7-5-0.

Glebe AC, Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Lutterworth, Leics. Sun 13th Mar. Dave Jones 20-14-0; Kenny Andrews 20-13-0; Steve Wills 20-9-0.

Golborne Colliery Charity Match, The Cunneries Fishery, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat., S Canal, Old Canal, Hawk & Kestrel Pools. Rob Trees 90-14-0; Paul Bottomley 67-11-0; Jimmy Pinnington 48-2-0.

Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot, Hants. Sat., Open, Middle Lake. Geoff Edwards 108-4-0; S. Martin 101-14-0; A. Blunt 97-8-0.

Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2022 Two Day Final, Larford Lakes, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs. Sat/Sun. Overall: Nick Speed 2; Tom Scholey 3; Jon Wake 4; Steve Hanrahan 5 (on weight); Andy Crocker 5; Prezmek Solski 6 (on weight); Ryan Wilson 6; Stu Fotheringham 6; Martin Taylor 7 (on weight); Darren Cox 7.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Open, Match Pool. Grant Woodfield (Hawkesbury) 48-13-0 (carp to 8lb); Dennis Lutwyche (Hawkesbury) 44-10-0 (carp to 8lb); Richard E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 36-14-0.

High Heyes Farm Fishery (The Catteries) Open, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat. John Newman 63-8-0; Thomas Hough 43-8-0; Lee Gibbon 43-0-0.

Izaak Walton Fishery Two Day Silvers Festival, Chebsey, Staffs. Wed., Day One. Jamie Hughes 30-2-0; Mal Boden 25-14-0; Ade Shepherd 24-12-0; Mark Capewell 20-6-0. Thurs., Day Two. Ed Warren 23-2-0; Dave Pickering 18-0-0; Jamie Hughes 17-14-0; Steve Dudley 17-3-0. Festival overall: Jamie Hughes 3 (48-0-0); Mal Boden 3 (41-11-0); Ed Warren 3 (40-9-0); Mark Capewell 3 (37-6-0); Mark ‘Sticky' Wilton 3 (26-13-0).

Lingmere Fishery Open, Birkenhead, The Wirral. Sat. Steve Openshaw 125-8-0; S. Taylor 74-2-0; A. Dewhurst 68-7-0.

Meadowlands Teams of Three League Final, Meadowlands Fishery, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Sun 13th Mar. Lee Davis (Team Trex) 81-12-0; Grant Merritt (Captain Crooks) 71-10-0; Ian Pretty (Maver MK) 67-4-0. Teams: Maver MK 14; Stibbs Slayers 16; Casemore Baits 18. Final league: Casemore Baits 80; Captain Crooks 99; Guru/Daiwa 125.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Wed., Open, Owl Pool. Clive Wynn (Monkhall) 102-12-0; Andy Welding (Matrix Phil's Tackle) 93-8-0; Darren Dobson (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 67-2-0. Sat., Open, Lark Pool. Scott Doodson (Drennan NW) 110-14-0; Andy Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 98-6-0; Aaron Woodhall (Doncaster Fishing Centre) 55-10-0. Sun., Open, Lark Pool. Mark Harris (MH Floats/Monkhall) 89-4-0; Steve Penwright (Goodyear AC) 75-6-0; Kev Hayes (Monkhall) 67-8-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. John Burchell 128-13-0 (carp, F1s and tench); Keith Wooding 73-6-0; Dave Roberts 60-0-0. Sat., Open, Big Geary's Pool. John Nicholls 118-1-0 (carp and skimmers); Trevor Hodges 78-11-0; Stephen Bellion 61-0-0. Sun., Open, Siblings A & B Pools. Paul Truman 89-12-0 (F1s); Pete Murray 76-10-0; John Brown 48-4-0.

Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Covey Lakes 1-5 (64 fished). John Alexander 124-15-0; Mike Senior 98-2-0; Artur Hilmi 74-11-0; Martin Baldwin 64-13-0; Francis O'Reilly 63-0-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Open, Sycamore Pool. Bill Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 95-0-0; Clive Wright (Mosella) 87-13-0; Tony Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings) 70-2-0. Wed., Open, Sycamore Pool. Gareth Unwin (Big C) 117-12-0; Steve Lovell (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 93-5-0; Kev Robinson (Preston Innovations Boldings) 61-12-0; Les Willey (Walsall) 57-1-0. Thurs., Open, Sycamore & Willows Pools. Bill Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 123-2-0; Steve Owen (Monkhall) 101-6-0; Clive Wright (Mosella) 100-4-0. Sat., Open, Larch Pool. Rob Hancox (MH Floats) 108-0-0; Paul Hemming (Monkhall) 91-15-0; Tim Probert (Preston Innovations Boldings) 58-1-0. Sun., Gaz Willey Open. Kelvin Emlyn (OAC) 116-15-0; Chris Lane (Preston Innovations Boldings) 100-5-0; Jason Nichols (Preston Innovations Boldings) 91-3-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Sat., Open, Cavendish & Sherwood Lakes. Josh Paling 33-9-0 (skimmers and roach); Daz Staley 19-8-0; Alan Houlton 19-3-0.

Splinters AC, Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Lutterworth, Leics. Wed 9th Mar. Gary Muddiman 62-11-0; Pete Meagan 55-12-0; Dave Griffiths 50-9-0. Sun 13th Mar., Barby Banks, Barby, Rugby, Warks. Trev Griffiths 52-5-0; Dave Chapman 43-12-0; Kev Elliott 33-2-0.

Spring Vale Fishing Lakes, Bevercotes, Newark, Notts. Sat., Sat., Walkley Winter League, First Spring & the Newcastle Lakes. Alan Barker 129-2-0 (mainly carp); Carl Roberts 117-11-0 (carp and silvers); John Hardy 109-8-0. Sat., Jonathan Stocks' and Ian Waller's Match, Oak Ave. Lake. Richard Goodrum 69-3-0 (silvers); Martin Codman 67-0-0; Mark Payling 65-6-0. Sat., Railway Knock-Up, The Duke Lake. Mick Spink 55-4-0 (mainly carp); Brian Armstrong 39-3-0; Trevor Hiley 26-15-0. Sat., Damon Dickinson's Match, The Duchess Lake. David Tomlinson 76-9-0 (56lb of carp plus silvers); Dave Allen 72-15-0; Stewart Beaumont 67-9-0.

Stoppo's Fishery Silvers Open, Coton-in-the-Elms, Derbys. Sat. Ian Saiger 11-14-0 (roach); Ben Sharratt 11-9-0; Dennis Sutton 10-4-0; Darren Massey (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 9-4-0.

Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Open, Hill View, Ash & Homeground Lakes (45 fished). Perry Stone 215-4-0; Martin Rogers 207-10-0; Rob McCan 205-8-0. Master of the Manor Qualifier: Perry Stone. Silvers: Scott Russell 23-8-0; Steve Tucker 17-6-0; Matt Rowe 16-12-0.

Tri-Cast Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Open, Lucky Dip, Prospect, Upper Beno, Boulders & Goose Pools (37 fished). Ellis Leigh (Matrix LTB) 66-6-0; Jack Hodgkinson (Old Hough) 61-0-0; Andy Dyson (Middy) 60-3-0.

Wassell Grove Fishery, Hagley, Worcs. Sat., Open, Brook Pool & Big Match Lake. Andy Hickman 59-12-0; Andy Morrison 31-12-0; Carl Daly 30-1-0. Silvers winner: Richard Knowles 14-12-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Sat., Open, Rover. Craig Dawes 120-6-0; Mal Dawes 69-14-0; Pat Prithcard 64-7-0.

Last Edited: 21 March 2022

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