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Angling match results for the week ending 14 May 2023

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

If you would like your results included here, please contact Steve Cope on 01922 640247 or [email protected]


Aldridge & District AS, Wyrley & Essington Canal, Cashmores MG Waters, Fingerpost Section, Pelsall, Walsall, W. Mids. Sun. I. Parker (Aldridge & District AS) 10-10-0; M. Wright (Aldridge & District AS) 6-1-0; G. Mapp (Aldridge & District AS) 2-7-0.

Barford AA Open, Grand Union Canal (Lure Anglers Waters), Bridges 71-72 Section, Knowle, Solihull, W. Mids Wed. Mal Galliers (Barford AA) 8-1-8; Sean Reidy (Sensas M5) 6-10-0; Jason Bean (Kidlington AS Oxford) 2-12-8. Sections: Section 1 – Pete Millard (Bailey's of Warwick Best Bait) 2-8-4; Section 2 – ‘Little' Colin Talbot (Barford AA) 2-7-4.

Barford AA Teams of Three Canal League, Round 1, Grand Union Canal, Knowle, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat. Dave McCall (Canal Trio) 6-9-0; ‘Little' Colin Talbot (Matchbox) 5-5-4; ‘Big' Colin Talbot (Sparks MG) 5-4-0; Andy Curless (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech Blue) 4-12-0; Mark Derry (Drennan Leics. MVDE) 4-11-0; Dave Berrow (Sparks MG) 4-6-0. Teams: Sparks MG 6; Sensas Black Country A 7; Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech Blue 9 (two section wins); Canal Trio 9 (one section win); Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech Black 9 (no section wins); Bag'em/Maver Midlands 11.

Bateman Vine AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal (BAA Waters), Bridges 40-42 Section, Botterham Lock, Swindon, nr. Dudley, W. Mids. Sun. (Joint 1st) C. Hariss (Bateman Vine AC) 1-11-0; S. Checkitts (Bateman Vine AC) 1-11-0; T. Williams (Bateman Vine AC) 1-3-0; D. Lester (Bateman AC) 1-2-0.

Bibby's/Stone & District AC Wednesday Sweepstake Match, Shropshire Union Canal, Trees Section, Shebdon, Staffs. Wed. Kim Jones (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 7-3-0 (mixed bag of small fish); Mark ‘Sticky' Wilton (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 6-15-0 (small fish on pinkie); Mick Round (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 4-10-0; Phil James (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 1-14-0; Terry Proctor (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 1-9-0.

Bridgnorth British Legion AC, Shropshire Union Canal (Bibby's/Stone & District AC Waters), Shebdon, Staffs. Sat. Fred Jackson 3-0-0; Darren Williams 2-15-0; Nigel Ball 2-6-0; Terry Jervis 1-14-0.

Canal & River Trust Canal Pairs Championship 2023 Qualifier, Grand Union Canal, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat (20 fished). Simon Nickless 16-4-0; Mick Belgrave 15-14-0; Stu Cutler 12-6-0; David Rose 6-1-0. Pairs: Simon Nickless & Steve Dudley 4; Adrian Scott & Paul Kitts 7; David Rose & Dave Clawley 9; Chris Furnival & Stu Cutler 9; Mark Sreeves & Mick Belgrave 9. Qualifiers: Simon Nickless & Steve Dudley; Adrian Scott & Paul Kitts.

Canal & River Trust Pairs Championship 2023 Qualifier, Lancaster Canal, Preston, Lancs. Sat (50 fished). Gareth Charnock 15-6-0; Tommy Fairhurst 12-8-0; Dean Turner 12-6-0; Steve Embery 12-5-0; Peter Duffy 10-10-0. (all winning weights were bream). Qualifiers: Tommy Fairhurst & Dave Walmsley; Gareth Charnock & John Easton; Peter Duffy & Josh Duffy; Phil Baird & Andrew Davis; Dave Trafford & Stuart Bird.

Canal & River Trust Canal Pairs Championship 2023 Qualifier, Shropshire Union Canal (Hodnet AC Waters), Soudley, Shrops. Sun (66 fished). Ben Sharratt (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 15-2-0; Richard Guest (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 14-14-0; Asa Cooper (Sparks MG) 14-13-0; Dave Lloyd (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 11-8-0; Darren Lewis (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 9-3-0. Pairs & Qualifiers: Dave Lloyd & Richard Guest 3; Ben Sharratt & Jason Cunningham 6; Darren Lewis & Dave Hughes 10; Steve Dudley & Simon Nickless 15 (already qualified); Ben Garbett & Steve Broome 16; Simon Preece & Simon Mottram 21; Steve Brookes & Dave Mawby 23; Scott Geens & Danny Ashington 24.

Canal Kings Open, Birmingham Main Line Canal (BCN), Soho Loop, Clissold Street Section, Winson Green, B'ham. Sun (16 fished). Ryan Hardman (Sensas Black Country) 9-9-4; Dave Arnold (Sportsman AA) 8-0-0; Mick Conlon (Canal Kings) 6-14-0; Carl Daly (Canal Kings) 6-11-6; Tony Bowen (Canal Kings) 6-4-6; Mel Howard (Canal Kings) 6-4-0.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Slade Heath Railway Bridge Section, Slade Heath, Coven, Staffs. Thurs PM., 4 hour match. Tony Beech (Goodyear AC) 33-3-0 (35 fish – inc. skimmers from 5oz to bream to 3lb 8oz plus seven bits on caster and maggot, long) (NEW CANAL CLUB RECORD); Johnny Benness (Goodyear AC) 7-14-0 (a couple of good bream to 3lb 8oz plus small roach on bread punch and maggot); Ray Campbell (Goodyear AC) 6-12-12 (a couple of bream to 3lb plus gudgeon and small roach); Mark Foster (Goodyear AC) 3-10-6 (mixed bag); Malcolm Bethell (Goodyear AC) 3-3-0 (roach, perch and gudgeon).

HanKat Superteam AS Open, Dudley No.1 Canal, back of Netherton Reservoir, Netherton, W. Mids. Sat (10 fished). Sir David Sheaf (Canal Kings) 10-8-0; Norman Wilson (Good Intent) 8-6-8; Lee Woodhouse (HanKat Superteam AS) 7-15-0.

Kennet & Avon Spring League, Final Round (4), Kennet & Avon Canal (Hungerford Canal AA Waters), Marsh to Lower Dunmill, Hungerford, Berks. Sun (64 fished). Rob Randall (Garbolino Blackmore Vale Gold) 33-11-0 (bream and skimmers over worm in groundbait, fishing dead red maggot or worm on the hook); Sam Simm (Sensas West Sussex) 33-0-0; Mark Gaylard (Sensas Lobby's) 17-11-0; Dave Croucher (RIVE Homestores Red) 14-14-0; Mark Withey (Sensas Devizes Green) 14-10-0; Kev Bennett (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 12-10-0. Teams: (Joint 1st) Garbolino Blackmore Vale Gold 43; Sensas Lobby's 43; RIVE Homestores Aqua 42.5. Final league: RIVE Homestores Aqua 167.5; Preston Innovations Thatchers 166; Sensas Devizes Green 154.5.

Long Eaton Fed. Summer League, Round 3, Erewash Canal, Dockholme, Derbys. Sat. Julian Garner (Long Eaton Fed.) 5-2-0 (two tench); Graham Sheffield (Codnor) 4-8-0; Mark Parker (Soldiers & Sailors) 4-1-8; Pete Allwood (Long Eaton Fed.) 2-13-0; John Lock (Loughborough Soar MG) 2-1-0; Asa Cooper (Sparks MG) 1-7-8. League: (Joint 1st) Alec Whitmore 5; Mark Parker 5; (Joint 3rd) John Brockway 7; Julian Garner 7; John Lock 7.

Moira Canal Spring League, Round 5, Moira Canal, Conkers Basin to Donisthorpe, N.W. Leics./Derbys. Border. Sun (44 fished). Dean Cherrington (Sparks MG) 11-7-0 (skimmers); Paul Middleton (Sparks MG) 10-4-0 (skimmers); Scott Westwood (Loughborough Soar MG) 8-5-0 (skimmers); James Gregory (Sensas Dark Horse) 7-11-0 (skimmers); Andy Astle (Loughborough Soar MG) 6-6-0 (roach, rudd and perch); Roger Marlow (Sensas Media) 3-14-0. Teams: Sparks MG 6; Sensas Media 10. (only top two teams supplied, league placings to follow after final round).

Northwich AA Open, Trent & Mersey Canal, Billinge, Northwich, Ches. Sat. Jimmy Byrne 6-8-8 (mostly roach); Jeff Stoll 5-1-4; Nigel Grindley 4-9-8; Rod Fraser 3-8-8.

Poundlanders AC, Wyrley & Essington Canal (Cashmores MG Waters), Wood Lane Section, Pelsall, Walsall, W. Mids. Sun. J. Owen (Poundlanders AC) 14-10-0; P. Chapman (Poundlanders AC) 12-2-0; J. Tarplee (Poundlanders AC) 8-6-0.

Prostate Screening Fund Canal Championship 2023 Qualifier No. 8, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal (Wolverhampton AA Waters), Calf Heath, S. Staffs. Wed (14 fished). Bernie Leatherbarrow (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 10-4-8; Steve Dudley (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 10-2-0; Steve Brookes (Browning Northants.) 9-13-0; Arthur Shaw (Wolverhampton AA/Rough Hay AC) 7-3-0; Phil ‘Jonty' Johnson (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 7-1-13; John Taylor (Sportsman AC) 7-0-4. Qualifiers: Bernie Leatherbarrow; Steve Dudley; Steve Brookes.

Prostate Screening Fund Canal Championship 2023 Qualifier No. 9, Shropshire Union Canal (Wolverhampton AA Waters), Brewood, S. Staffs. Sun (22 fished). John Garbett (Team Eclipse) 7-15-0 (chub); Mel ‘Killer' Wood (Four Ashes AC) 6-5-0 (a chub and a bream); Richard Buxton (Bridgnorth AS) 5-6-4 (a chub and a bream); Paul Turner (Colmic UK) 5-5-10; Dave Holbrook (Team Eclipse) 4-9-3; Mark Foster (Goodyear AC) 4-7-3. Qualifiers: Joe Holloway; Mel ‘Killer' Wood; John Garbett; Dave Holbrook; Mark Foster.

Sportsman AA Open, Walsall Canal (BCN), Metro Bridge Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Sat. Mel Howard (Canal Kings) 4-6-7; Dave Anderson (Sportsman AA) 2-9-0; Dennis Sumner (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 1-13-7; Chris Taylor (Sportsman AA) 1-9-12; Dave Arnold (Sportsman AA) 1-9-5.

Sportsman AC Opens, Birmingham Main Line Canal (BCN), Watery Lane Section, Tipton, W. Mids. Wed (13 fished). Mick Hawkins (Sportsman AC) 39-8-0 (bream and skimmers); Mark Whiles (Sportsman AC) 14-9-0; Les Wardley (Sportsman AC) 9-5-0; Dean Webb (Sensas Black Country) 9-0-0; Pete Fellows (Sportsman AC) 6-7-0; Tony Garrett (Sportsman AA) 6-5-0. Sun (12 fished). Baz Buckley (Sportsman AC) 18-4-0; Tony Walters (Sportsman AC) 11-5-0; Mick Hawkins (Sportsman AC) 11-0-0; Mal Galliers (Sportsman AA) 6-8-0; Mark Whiles (Sportsman AC) 6-7-0; John Horton (Sportsman AC) 4-9-0.

Storey's Halesowen RBL, Stourbridge Canal, Town Arm Section, Stourbridge, W. Mids. Sun. Sean Waite (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 12-6-0 (skimmers on pole and waggler with worm and pinkie); John Babbington (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 12-3-0; Paul Skidmore (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 11-4-0; Steve Horton (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 3-6-0; (Joint 5th) Howard Dodd (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 2-5-8; Garry Mason (Storey's Halesowen RBL) 2-5-8.

The Steve ‘Freddie' Ward Memorial Match, Worcester & Birmingham Canal, Stoke Prior, Worcs. Sun (34 fished). Bryn Thomas (Wales) 13-14-8; Jono Leivers (Browning West Midlands) 10-14-0; Tom Boulton (Sensas Smithy's) 7-1-8; James Wilson (Sensas Smithy's) 5-14-0; Micky Howell (HanKat Superteam AS) 5-9-12; Chris Furnival (Sportsman AC) 4-15-10. (over £600 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support).

Tring Old Codgers, Grand Union Canal, Bullbeggars Lane Section, Berkhamsted, Herts. Wed (8 fished). Andy Allday 1-7-0 (gudgeon, roach, perch and bleak); Paul Hedges 1-5-8; Pete Leech 1-0-8.

Wolverhampton Over 60's Club Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal (Goodyear AC Waters), Shawhall Lane Section, Coven, Staffs. Wed (14 fished). Mick Westwood (Norton Canes) 10-11-0 (three big bream and the odd skimmer on big red maggot); Stu Brailsford (Bridgtown Social AC) 7-5-0 (odd skimmer plus roach); Mel ‘Killer' Wood (Four Ashes AC) 3-13-0 (small fish and the odd stamp-roach); Ray Campbell (Sankey's) 3-10-10; Tony Beech (Bridgtown Social AC) 2-15-9 (one big bream plus bits); Joe Athersmith (Bridgtown Social AC) 2-12-11.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Angling Trust Free Spirit Match/Boddington Classic 2023 Qualifier No. 2, Boddington Reservoir, nr. Byfield, Northants. Sat. John Webb 23K 675g (carp); Mick Crimp 23K 175g (carp); Mike Hammond 22K 175g. Qualifiers: John Webb; Mick Crimp; Lee Carver; Darren Smith; Chris Bostwick; John Brown.


Blackfords Progressive Association Match, Kingswood Lake, Cannock, Staffs. Sat., Car Park & Reeds Bank Sections (22 fished). Steve McQueen (Cannock) 43-10-0 (proper bream and skimmers on Method feeder); Jordan Hall (Middy/Adrenaline) 35-11-0 (thirteen bream on Method feeder); Ashley Poxton (Sneyd AC) 20-10-0 (bream and roach on feeder and pole).

Bridgtown Social AC, Broofields Fishery, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, W. Mids. Sun. Hughie Blair Snr. (Bridgtown Social AC) 62-8-0 (carp to 8lb on luncheon meat); Charlie Smith (Bridgtown Social AC) 51-8-0 (carp to 7lb); Roger Corbett (Bridgtown Social AC) 42-8-0 (carp to 10lb, skimmers and mixed silvers); Dave Rayson (Bridgtown Social AC) 27-8-0; Tony Beech (Bridgtown Social AC) 26-12-0; Paul Deehan (Bridgtown Social AC) 21-12-0.

Long Eaton Fed., Brewery Ponds, Shardlow, Derbys. Wed. Jim Marcer (Belper) 16-4-8 (four tench); Dave Lewis (Soldiers & Sailors) 13-1-0; Pete Allwood (Long Eaton Fed.) 8-15-8; Rob Wright (Long Eaton Fed.) 8-3-0; Chris Buckingham (Soldiers & Sailors) 7-14-0; Ivan Carrier (Long Eaton Fed.) 6-12-0.

Patshull Park 24 Hour Carp Contest, Great Lake, Pattingham, Staffs. Sat 13th May – Sun 14th May. Darren Reeve & Martin Harthill 111-6-0 (twelve carp); Steve Cotton & Andy Dunning 77-5-0; Mike Gater & John Orford 68-0-0.

The Steve Brown Memorial Three Day Contest, Patshull Park, Great Lake, Pattingham, Staffs. Bank Holiday Mon., Day One. Section winners – Bill Kelly (Tri-Cast) 9K 020g; Mick Tonks 9K 820g; Dave Ridgway 10K 200g. Tues., Day Two. Section winners – Rob Dickenson 5K 040g; John Sullivan 7K 180g; Paul Bucknell 9K 700g. Wed., Day Three. Section winners – Paul Bucknell 12K 360g; Dave Ridgway 10K 980g; Bill Kelly (Tri-Cast) 17K 540g. Festival overall: 1st Dave Ridgway; 2nd Bill Kelly (Tri-Cast); 3rd Paul Bucknell; 4th Pete Waters; 5th Mick Tonks.


Angling Trust Fish ‘O' Mania 2023 Qualifier, The Glebe & Mallory Park Fisheries, Peckleton, Leicester, Leics. Sat 6th May (100 fished). Mark Griffiths 251-6-0; Dan Hull 219-12-0; Sam Brown 188-8-0; Jamie Hughes 182-6-0; Ben Hagg 175-0-0; Luke Bamford 174-12-0. Qualifier: Mark Griffiths.

Angling Trust Fish ‘O' Mania 2023 Qualifier, Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Sat (100 fished). John Alexander 221-10-0; Jamie Hughes 178-3-0; Paul Beesley 143-7-0; Warren Jennings 139-2-0; Les Marshall 129-1-0; Sam Williams 121-14-0. Qualifiers: John Alexander.

Barby Banks Three Day Festival 2023, Barby, Warks. Sat 6th May, Sun 7th May & Bank Holiday Mon 8th May. Festival overall: Andy Forbes 4 (387-9-0); Dave Hawkins 4 (363-1-0); Craig Partridge 5 (435-7-0).

Barlborough Springs Top Dog Series, Round 1, Chesterfield, Derbys. Sat. Simon Jarvis 111-2-0; Brian Elliot 103-15-0; Chris Clark 84-1-0.

Blundell Fishery, Rixton, Ches., Sat., Open, Trio, Pine, Ash, East & West Lakes. Andy Pickles (Izaak Walton) 116-10-0 (carp to 10lb on meat under tree); Shaun ‘King of the Swing' Woodward (Trafford Tackle & Bait) 103-2-0 (carp to 12lb on meat); Alan Sharman 92-14-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Kingfisher Lake. Stuart Conroy 93-11-0; Steve Carrier 83-4-0; Steve Balson 70-13-0.

Carney Pools Silvers Opens, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford, Staffs. Bank Holiday Mon., Dragon Pool. (Joint 1st) Jay Fell 30-3-0; Andrew Morrison 30-3-0; Dave Brown 25-12-0; Mark John Capewell 18-1-0; Dave Knight 17-10-0; Ian Saiger 17-3-0. Wed., Dragon Pool. Ed Warren (Garbolino) 25-7-0; Kev Williams (Wolverhampton) 22-11-0; Mark John Capewell (Carthy's Tackle) 18-13-0; Carl Westwood (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 18-0-0; Tony Walsh (Drennan Leics. MVDE) 17-12-0. Sat., Dragon Pool. Matt Page 28-15-0; Andrew Spearman 26-14-0; Jason Elwell 25-12-0; Andy Chapman 23-15-0; Barry ‘the Wizard' Jones 18-0-0.

Castle Ashby Open, Grendon, Northants. Sun 7th May., Grendon Lake. Wayne Robinson 40-4-0; Tony Smith 30-2-0; John Kent 20-4-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Barby Banks, Barby, Warks. Sun 7th May. Terry Smith 30-0-0; Bob Prowse 29-0-0; Mike Holmes 28-0-0.

Glebe AC, Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Lutterworth, Leics. Sun 7th May. Russ Lay 192-3-0; Dave Haddon 139-6-0; Paul Scrivener 121-0-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Open, Match Lake & Island, Canal & Meadow Pools (33 fished). Ash Davies 154-11-0; Ant King 145-2-0; Jake Robinson 131-13-0; Darren Gleave 121-2-0; Morgan Davidson 118-11-0; Dean Lockett 109-0-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Open, Match Pool (12 fished). John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 98-8-0 (carp to 8lb on meat and pellet); Darren Johnson (Hawkesbury) 85-5-0 (carp to 10lb and bream to 3lb on paste and pellet); Lee Raynor (Hawkesbury) 67-8-0 (carp to 5lb and bream to 3lb on pellet and meat).

High Heyes Farm Fisheries (The Catteries) Open, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat. Martin Liptrot 67-12-0; Danny Speakman 66-12-0; Geoff Farnworth 58-8-0.

Lingmere Fisheries Open, Moreton, The Wirral, Merseyside. Sat. J. Howson 167-14-0; T. Collins 107-0-0; C. Doran 96-8-0.

Luton AC, Twin Lakes Fishery, Biddenham, Beds. Wed., Jack's Lake (14 fished). Adrian Smith 60-6-0 (fourteen carp plus silvers on pole with red maggot over fishery feed pellet); Andy Frankum 43-5-0; Richard Darbon 38-15-0; Sean Leatherland 37-15-0; Richard Gibbs 36-15-0; Dave Britton 31-8-0.

Milton Keynes Vets, Alders Farm, Gt. Brickhill, Bucks. Wed 3rd May. Simon Cordingley 68-5-0; Martin Cunniffe 59-15-0; Dave Lewis 56-3-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sat 6th May., Open, Hawk Pool. Simon Harris (Little Dawley AC) 199-12-0; Jason Nichols (Monkhall) 153-4-0; Paul Gregory (Monkhall) 143-4-0. Sun 7th May., Open, Owl Pool. Andy Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 167-0-0; Tim Cadwallader (Monkhall) 156-14-0; Simon Harris (Little Dawley AC) 142-2-0. Wed., Open, Buzzard Pool. James Woodfine (Maver Midlands) 213-12-0; Paul Gregory (Monkhall) 154-8-0; Darren Dobson (Monkhall) 140-12-0.

Nisa Feeders Open, Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Wed., Phase One – Lake Two. John Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 220-13-0 (carp to 11lb plus three bream on Method feeder); Clive Oliver (The Glebe) 197-4-0 (carp); Shaun Weed (Old Works AC) 141-2-0 (mainly big margin carp plus a pretty koi); Rob Lowe (Old Works AC) 134-14-0; Jim Innes (Nuneaton Nomads) 118-15-0; Nick Weed (Old Works AC) 107-5-0.

Outcasts AC, Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Bank Holiday Mon., Phase Three – Avon Pool. Steve Wills 112-11-0; Russ Colton 85-11-0; Russ Lay 81-11-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Little Geary's Pool (15 fished). Findlay Tanner 139-10-0 (F1s); Steve Daley 132-9-0 (carp and F1s); John Burchell 124-0-0 (carp and F1s); Steve Pearce 91-0-0 (F1s). Sat., Open, Big Geary's Pool (19 fished). Stuart Palser 76-7-0 (carp and skimmers); Barry Byrd 74-7-0 (carp); Carl Barnfield 70-6-0 (carp); Dave Elliott 52-0-0 (carp). Sun., Open, Little Geary's Pool (17 fished). Nick Jukes 104-12-0 (F1s); Steve Daley 104-0-0 (F1s); Paul Terry 103-11-0 (F1s); Steve Brindley 98-4-0 (F1s).

Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Open, Covey Lakes 2, 3, 4 & 6 (58 fished). Nick Sharp 87-2-0; Brian Conroy 72-0-0; Ben Summerscales 71-11-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon., Oswestrians, Sycamore Pool. Rob Hancox (Oswestrians) 146-6-0; Kenny Humphreys (Oswestrians) 134-2-0; Nige Clarke (Oswestrians) 114-8-0; A. Mark (Oswestrians) 113-9-0; Paul Hemming (Oswestrians) 107-11-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Over 60's Open, Sycamore Pool. Colin Reynolds (Preston Innovations Boldings) 116-0-0; Clive Wright (Preston Innovations Boldings) 98-8-0; Bob Clarke (Preston Innovations Boldings) 95-13-0; Paul Gregory (Monkhall) 94-2-0. Wed., Open, Willows Pool. Steve Lovell (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 125-8-0; Rich Pedlar (Bibby's/Stone & District AC) 99-2-0; George Reynolds 59-10-0; Clive Edwards (Preston Innovations Boldings) 57-9-0. Thurs., Over 60's Open, Oak Pool. Bill Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 103-0-0; Colin Reynolds (Preston Innovations Boldings) 100-2-0; Dave Mortlock (Preston Innovations Boldings) 96-11-0; Clive Wright (Preston Innovations Boldings) 93-13-0; Ron Clarke (Preston Innovations Boldings) 93-2-0. Sat., Over 60's Open, Chestnut Pool. Steve Owen (Monkhall) 112-13-0; Clive Wright (Preston Innovations Boldings) 110-6-0; Bob Clarke (Preston Innovations Boldings) 102-1-0; Colin Reynolds (Preston Innovations Boldings) 92-5-0. Sat., Oswestrians, Larch Pool. Josh Humphreys (Oswestrians) 74-14-0; Steve Hall (Oswestrians) 49-12-0; Paul Hemming (Oswestrians) 42-3-0; Tim Probert (Oswestrians) 40-4-0. Sun., Open, Larch & Sycamore Pools. Gaz Willey (Walsall) 149-11-0; Andy Bishop (Preston Innovations Boldings) 148-8-0; Dave Emlyn (OAC) 145-5-0; Gareth Emlyn (OAC) 139-4-0. Sun., Shrewsbury AC, Oak Pool. Nathan Spain (Shrewsbury AC) 71-13-0; Stu Purcell (Shrewsbury AC) 71-10-0; Alan Gittens (Shrewsbury AC) 62-15-0; Mark Harris (Shrewsbury AC) 60-10-0.

Quarry Pool Fishery, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Sat., Button Oak AC. S. Williams (Button Oak AC) 131-13-0; J. Truman (Button Oak AC) 73-0-0; T. Williams (Button Oak AC) 67-3-0. Sun., Swan AC. C. Standing (Swan AC) 174-0-0; A. Morgan (Swan AC) 166-4-0 (inc. a 20lb 15oz carp); B. Baker (Swan AC) 148-10-0; M. Cope (Swan AC) 138-2-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery Silvers Only Open, Edwinstowe, Notts. Sat., Sherwood Lake. Danny Harding 49-4-0; Dave Edwards 37-7-0; Al Holton 31-1-0.

Splinters AC, Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Lutterworth, Leics. Wed 3rd May., Plough & Harrow Pools. Tom Griffiths 108-0-0; Eddie Kelly 81-7-0; Trev Griffiths 73-0-0. Sun 7th May. Trev Griffiths 201-0-0; Steve Johnson 194-11-0; Dave Griffiths 174-6-0.

The Cunneries Fishery, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat., Open, S Canal. Dave Brown 45-12-0; Graham Ramsdale 42-14-0; Sam Slockett 39-10-0.

The Oaks Lakes, Sessay, N. Yorks. Sat., Open, Cedar Lake. Andy Bennett 112-6-0; Tim Peters 97-13-0; Wayne Armstrong 86-15-0.

The Old Codgers, Cob House Fishery, Worcester, Worcs. Sat., Chestnut Pool. Paul Ellis 169-10-0; John Eales 140-10-0; Tom Farrell 117-4-0.

The Old Hough Coarse Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Open, Boulders & Goose Pools. Martyn Steele 104-13-0; Andy Dyson 103-15-0; Connor Edwards 86-3-0.

Tollerton Ponds, York, Yorks. Sat., Open, Kingfisher Pond. Mark Partington 136-2-0; Gary Kinder 127-3-0; Chris Clark 116-4-0.

Towcester AC, Furtho Lagoon, Furtho Manor Farm, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun 7th May. Rob Pottinger 22-12-0; Mick Goodridge 17-4-0; Dave Gibbins 16-14-0.

Viaduct Fisheries, Somerton, Somerset. Sat., Open, Campbell Lake (21 fished). Bela Bakos 154-7-0; Dan White 139-13-0; Phil Hardwick 126-3-0. Silvers: Stu Woods 65-15-0; May Tones 59-4-0; Pete Z. 32-10-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Sat., Open, Belvedere Pool. Karl Webster 116-9-0; Jack Williams 87-11-0; Jason Rodgers 67-9-0. Sat., Open, Canal Pool. Richie O'Connor 151-15-0; Col Mercer 139-0-0; Allan Hughes 126-14-0; Dave Coulson 117-10-0.

Whitmore Fisheries, Greenhalgh, Preston, Lancs. Sat., Open, East Canal (36 fished). Harry Campbell 93-5-0; Danny Wilkinson 91-0-0; Terry Palmer 66-11-0.

Willow Lakes, Foston, Grantham, Lincs. Sat., Open, Alder & Hawthorn Lakes. Ben Checkley (Colmic) 128-2-0 (banded pellet to the islands and down the edge, mainly carp plus 20lb of skimmers); Harold ‘Boss' Careless 74-0-0; Andy Birkin 61-0-0; Dave Pontin 53-0-0; Dan Lacey 50-14-0; Mitch Riley 50-7-0; Neil Fisher 48-7-0; James Graham 46-9-0; Mark Wyatt 44-10-0; Shaun Butler 40-6-0.

Last Edited: 16 May 2023

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