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In the know at the Institute of Fisheries Management

We get asked a lot about how to get into a career in fisheries.

Paul and his colleague Iain on the Thames as part of an open event

Recently, our ever popular fish tank shared a stand with the Institute of Fisheries Management at the Northern Angling Show. So I took the opportunity to ask its director of operations, Paul Coulson, what people could expect to gain from the IFM.

Who are the IFM?

The IFM is a membership and qualifications organisation that represents fisheries professionals in all fields. Members come from across the spectrum, from students just starting their careers to senior managers and academics at the top of the fisheries profession. We're open to anyone with an interest in fish and fisheries, how they are managed and conservation of the species.

Representing the profession

We represent the fishery profession on a number of groups and associations including the England Fishery Group, Environmental Policy Forum, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Society of the Environment and Sustainable Eel Group. As well as a number of groups in Ireland and Scotland.

Specialist events

We organise a range of specialist events each year; these could be international symposiums to small evening talks on a local topic of interest. For instance, in 2017 we organised the inaugural International Eel Science Symposium, for which we joined forces with the Environment Agency and Zoological Society of London. This was the largest gathering of eel scientists (one elever gathering!) ever assembled.

IFM Eel Science Symposium

Training courses

Aside from our events, we are perhaps most well-known for our training courses. As the largest provider of specialist fisheries training in the UK, we've trained thousands of people in fishery related topics.

If you want to learn the difference between a chub, dace and ide we have a course for you. Similarly, we can teach you how to design better fish passes and how to survey marine fish, or even how to undertake basic electric fishing (but not boom boating or electric fishing in confined spaces.

IFM Electro fishing training

There are three distance learning long courses and a wide range of specialist short courses.

Distance learning

If you are involved with a fishery, on a club committee or just have an interest in fish and fisheries management then the IFM Certificate Course is the place to start.

You can choose from a range of units including: Freshwater and Fish Biology, Fishery Law and Angling and Recreation.

IFM Diploma

If you already have some experience in fisheries management, or have a qualification of A Level or higher in a science subject, than the IFM Diploma would be a good choice. This is the course for anyone who is looking for a career change, or who is perhaps moving into a fishery focused position in their current job. The course also leads on nicely from the Certificate for those who want to carry on their learning. For further details on the diploma, please email [email protected]

If you would like any more information on the Institute, our training or events please visit the website or email me on [email protected]

Last Edited: 08 March 2018

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