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Maurice Kausman FZS OBE

Maurice Kausman worked tirelessly with clubs and committees to further the sport of angling in the 20th century, not to mention having a mind-boggling match record in the London area.

Maurice Kausman at the Great Ouse Championships

Born in 1904, Maurice began his administrative career as delegate to the London Anglers Association (LAA) as a representative for the Queens Piscatorials club. His role as secretary of the Prince of Wales Angling Society led him to become secretary and honorary river keeper of the Thames Angling Preservation Society (TAPS).

At the time of the 1940 war time issue of the TAPS Blue Book, Maurice contributed as ever a poignant reminder of the times: “In the interim the TAPS wishes you all good luck and ‘tight lines' when the war clouds roll way.”

Mind-boggling match wins

Maurice's match record in the London area was so good that Claytons of Boston built a 12-foot rod to his specification and advertised it in the 1938 TAPS Blue Book for £2 2 shillings. Maurice's list of match wins is nothing short of mind boggling with 662 match wins, and over 1,000 placings.

Never afraid of being outspoken, in his later years Maurice criticised the powerful London Anglers Association, referring to them as the “LAA menace” for competing with and buying up fishing rights that other poorer clubs could not afford.

‘The LAA menace'

He made major contributions to the Ouse & Cam, Nene and Welland and Great Ouse Fishery Boards before working with the later River Authorities, well before the Environment Agency era. After first attending the 1928 NFA annual conference as an LAA delegate, Maurice went on to complete more than 30 years' loyal service on the NFA General Purposes Committee. He was awarded life membership of the NFA in 1969.

In 1946 Maurice founded the Hunts Anglers Joint Advisory Committee, later becoming president and chairman, and then drafted the constitutions of many consultative associations. The first of these was the Great Ouse Fishery Consultative Association (GOFCA) founded in 1948.

This consultative promoted the Great Ouse Angling Championships, which although started on the River Ouse was moved to the Relief Channel, where Ivan Marks was to record his three historic Ouse Championships victories during the 1970s.

Maurice's work carried him on to the National Anglers Council where he later became vice president and vice chairman and a member of the Legal and General Parliamentary Committee.

Supporting the close season

Throughout his life, he was a staunch supporter of the close season and never approved of the opening of canals and enclosed fisheries throughout the year. When the Huntingdon team won their way through to the 1970 Angling Times Winter League final in Ireland during the old close season, Maurice refused to travel. He was over the moon when his team won, but remained adamant that he had done the right thing.

By 1977 he was thought to be a vice president of 23 angling clubs, a life member of 7 and honorary member of a further 37. A well-respected individual, his opinion was eagerly sought on many legal and fisheries matters.

OBE for services to angling

On 23 June 1977 the Sports Council awarded Maurice the Queen's Silver Jubilee medal, which he added to his earlier 1953 Coronation Medal. He was then later awarded the OBE in the 1980 New Year Honours list for services to angling.

According to the angling press the 1969 Trent National was his 38th consecutive 'All-England' and Maurice is thought to have set a record of 45 National angling championship appearances.

Maurice's proudest moment was when his Huntingdon team won the 1977 Division 2 National on the Great Ouse. It was to be Maurice's last National and there could be no more fitting prize than a silver team winner's medal at the age of 73.

After collapsing at his Huntingdon home, Maurice passed away at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in June 1995.


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Last Edited: 12 January 2021

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