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Brent community art

When local street artists, the community, members of the council and schools got together in Alperton, great things happened along the Paddington Arm.

Street Art in Alperton, Brent

Thanks to the players of the People's Postcode Lottery, this art project in Alperton, Brent, was brought to life with the help of local artists Manuela and Tara from 243 Ealing Road Art Studios and graffiti artist Gianpaolo Hank.

In a bid to transform an area that was being used for fly-tipping, drinking and anti-social behaviour, we and the community wanted to make the space beautiful again and more welcoming to its local community and all those who pass through it.

Year 6 pupils from Harlesden Primary School took part in a workshop and contributed artwork showing their “Happy Place By Water” for the project.

Through the promotion of street art, we aim to address areas of the canal network perceived as unsafe and unclean to encourage people to visit, and last year, an area of towpath nearby was turned into an outdoor “living room” by artists.

Here are some before and after pictures from the first instalment:

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We wanted the space to feel like a living room, and hopefully, people will treat the space like their home.
Martha Michelson, community engagement coordinator

Making a difference

Since the new artwork installations, there has been a big reduction in bottles left at the site. Also, the community have added their own bunting and are looking after the area.

Celebrating local talent

As part of the project, celebrations were enjoyed by local artists in the area, and Alperton Community School showcased their talents.

Last Edited: 19 March 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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