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Our Towpath Code

Canals and rivers can be very lively spaces. Visit us and you could see cyclists, walkers, boaters, anglers, kayakers and even horses pulling boats along the water. Our Towpath Code encourages everyone to be more aware when using the towpaths.

Two children high-five as they cycle on the towpath

Having so many different activities taking place does mean that people need to share the space considerately.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of their time by the water we asked you to help us develop a towpath code.

This is the result. It's a common sense guide to considerately sharing the towpath and what to expect of others.

The Towpath Code

Remember: Share the Space, Drop your Pace, It's a Special Place
Please be thoughtful and considerate when using towpaths.
The following applies:

  • Pedestrians have priority
  • Cyclists must slow down for others
  • Take extra care when passing people, pets and wildlife
  • Respect people using the waterway for activities like angling, boating or paddle sports
  • Wheelchairs, mobility aids, cycles and legal e-bikes are allowed
  • E-scooters, motorbikes, modified e-bikes and other unauthorised vehicles are not allowed
  • Keep dogs under close control and clean up after them
  • Take litter home

Last Edited: 28 September 2023

photo of a location on the canals
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