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FAQs on leaving a gift in your Will

Find the answers to the most common questions asked by our supporters who are considering leaving us a gift in their Will.

Do I really need a Will?

Making a Will is great for your peace of mind. It's the only way to make sure you know exactly what happens to your property, money and personal possessions.

Although there's no law that says you must make a Will, it makes all the legalities much easier for those you leave behind. Dying without having an up-to-date Will means it is up to the law to decide how your estate is distributed, which might not reflect your wishes.

Are there any tax benefits if I leave a charitable gift in my Will?

A gift to charity is taken out of your estate before it's decided how much inheritance tax must be paid. Over and above supporting a cause that's important to you, some people choose to leave a gift to charity as a way to reduce how much tax is owed.

Contact HMRC or a solicitor for advice about the current Inheritance Tax thresholds and payment rates.

I don't have a lot, is it worth leaving a gift in my Will?

You don't need to be wealthy to leave a gift to charity in your Will. Each and every gift makes a difference. No matter the size or amount, your gift can transform canal spaces and enrich lives by water.

How can I find out more about leaving a gift in my Will?

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Canal & River Trust, you can request our free gifts in wills information pack online, or request a copy in the post.

You may also like to join us at a gifts in Wills enquiry event to see first-hand the impact your gift could make. For full details of events taking place near you, please contact us.

Can I leave a gift in my Will to a specific project or part of the network?

Unrestricted gifts are incredibly important as it gives us the flexibility to direct funds where the need is greatest at the time. Not all of our future needs can be envisaged today, as priorities and work may change.

However, many of our supporters wish to support a specific area of the waterways and you are of course very welcome to specify that your gift be for use at a particular site or region. If you are considering doing this, please contact us so we can best advise on ensuring your wishes can be fulfilled.

What details do I need to know to include Canal & River Trust in my Will?

In order to leave the Canal & River Trust a gift in your Will, your solicitor will need to include the following information:

Name: Canal & River Trust
Registered charity number: 1146792
Address: National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port, South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 4FW

Who should I get in touch with if I have any questions?

Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions and a member of the team will get back to you.

Last Edited: 02 August 2023

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