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A coot surrounded by floating pennywort

Protect canal wildlife

Canal wildlife is at risk from destructive invasive plants such as floating pennywort, which clogs up canals and smothers native species.

Growing at up to 20cm a day, floating pennywort starves water plants of light and sucks up the oxygen fish need to breathe. With no fish to eat, wildlife like kingfishers and otters suffer.

This highly invasive species grows from the smallest fragment and a single infestation in one location can cost our team up to £25,000 to treat. Warmer summers mean it spreads even faster, so we need your help to stop it before it clogs up canals and destroys native wildlife.

Donate today and together, we can win the fight against floating pennywort.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting our work. Together, we can help keen canals clear, clean and healthy for the wildlife and native species that depend on them.

Last Edited: 16 January 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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