Meet our 2021 Youth Fellows

Get to know our first cohort of Youth Fellows as they share their passions and motivations, and why they were drawn to the Fellowship opportunity.

We are thrilled to welcome our first cohort of Fellows who will help shape the future of our waterways and our work.

Meet our Fellows:

Alice Brown, Youth Fellow

Alice Brown, 20, Oxford

"I'm a second year student paramedic. The focus the Trust has on wellbeing is refreshing and inspiring; I'm very caring and want the work I take part in to help people in some way, no matter how small. 

It also excites me how canals and rivers help sustain habitats and encourage wildlife to flourish. It is exciting to be able to volunter for a Trust that is not only working to better human lives but also to aid and sustain nature."

Tea Jahja, Youth Fellow

Tea Jahja, 18, London

"Technology is something I've been passionate about for as long as I can remember and the idea that I could help people and improve the place they live makes me excited.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with people from different cultures from around the country with their innovative approaches and ideas, and being part of a canalside community."

Yasin Hussain, Youth Fellow

Yasin Hussain, 22, Bradford

"I'm currently studying clinical sciences at the University of Bradford. I enjoy researching and have been particularly interested in learning more about topics such as Permaculture and the link between micro-plastics and human health.

What excites me the most about this Fellowship is the chance to gain a better understanding of what it means to work with the environment and not against it. I like the nature-focused approach of the Trust and am looking forward to interacting with like-minded individuals."

Teri Jahja, Youth Fellow

Teri Jahja, 18, London

"Technology is a passion of mine. I want to innovate through brainstorming, building on each other’s ideas through threaded discussions, conversations, and interactions, and keeping informed on emerging developments.

The idea that my own product could influence or improve someone's life across the world, makes me inspired every day to move on realising my goals."

Osaru Mcken, Youth Fellow

Osaru Mcken, 17, London

"I'm currently studying A levels with a plan to pursue a career in marketing.

Growing up in London has exposed me to people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Observing how cultures interact in society fuels an interest and a personal sense of duty towards ensuring that core and honest interests, values and needs of people are captured and respected.

What excites me about the Trust is that it takes a step in easing the apprehension that my generation and younger have towards the changing climate and our future."

James Tanulak, Youth Fellow

James Tanulak, 20, Oxford

"I'm currently studying Planning and Property Development at Oxford Brookes. I'm passionate about experiencing the outdoors, appreciating nature and having time to think, something I find very important. 

The Fellowship programme is a great fit for me as I've grown up around canals and have an interest for the environment and what happens within it. I’m excited about having the opportunity to work as a group to come up with a project that is valued and of good to the community."

Emily Palmer, Youth Fellow

Emily Palmer, 23, Wiltshire

"I'm a student nurse and love spending my free time outdoors, close to nature.

Having experienced the transformative benefits of our waterways, I'm keen to use what I've learnt to help encourage others to take advantage of these spaces and equip them with the tools to enhance their own wellbeing. 

As a young person with a great interest in the history and nature that surrounds our canals and rivers, I am excited to see the amazing work that the Canal & River Trust do to support and preserve these spaces."

Last date edited: 10 November 2021