Youth health and wellbeing

Spending just a little time by water can have a positive impact on your physical health and mental wellbeing. We provide opportunities for you to visit our canals, have fun and meet new people locally.

Young women laughing during an activity on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Having fun during an activity on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Did you know that 79% of young people agree that being in nature makes them feel happy?

Our blue and green spaces across England and Wales provide an outlet to let you connect with nature in a variety of ways.

You go to the canal to let nature talk to you. Your phone isn’t reality. It won’t let you feel the wind in your face.

Ghaith, placement participant

By working closely with young people within communities across England and Wales, we identify how you want to engage with your local canals and rivers.

This approach allows us to work with you and other young people to co-create activities that match your needs and interests.

We currently have a multitude of opportunities for you to get outdoors, experience the waterways, have fun and meet other young people in your local area. 

From cultural events to sporting programmes, loneliness projects to performing arts, there's something for everyone.

Last date edited: 18 October 2021