Past projects

See below for a list of a number of the past projects that we've been involved with.

The Stratford 2 Stratford Theatre Company The Stratford 2 Stratford Theatre Company

Amy Irwin - volunteer and canal adopter

Amy has been volunteering with the Trust since 2012 and was the driving force behind the community adoption of a section of canal in Netherton, Merseyside - becoming the youngest person to ever adopt a canal.

Over the last few year, Amy's adoption group have primarily focused on keeping the towpath clear of litter as well as removing the backlog of waste that had been dumped over the years. The steady improvement in the area has resulted in a great deal of positive comments from passersby and users of the canal who clearly appreciate the hard work that has been put in by Amy and the team. It has also inspired others in the community to come along and lend a hand - a win win situation!

Stratford 2 Stratford

Stratford 2 Stratford was an exciting new youth arts project in 2015. We took 30 teenagers from Stratford east London to Stratford upon Avon by narrowboat. Along the way they learnt all about the wonders of the canals together with the wonders of Shakespeare, and once they arrived they performed 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' at the Dell and as part of the Stratford River Festival.

We know that sometimes, even when people live close to our canals and rivers, they may not appreciate all that they have to offer. Children growing up in urban areas might go for long stretches without the chance to get close to nature. That’s why we were thrilled to have the chance to introduce an entirely new audience to the beauty of the canals through the Stratford 2 Stratford project.



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