Sustainable energy source

Water from our waterways may be used for heating and cooling new developments, or for electricity generation through hydro-electric power schemes. These sources should be included as options within studies of renewable energy potential.

River Don Thrybergh archimedes screws hyro electric power

There are a number of hydropower schemes on our network that contribute to renewable energy targets.

Heating and cooling

The water flowing through our waterways contains enough thermal energy to produce approximately 640 MW of energy. We consider that heating and cooling schemes can be delivered without any adverse impact on biodiversity. The diagram below shows how this technology works.

Diagram showing process of cooling using water from canal or river


Dudley MBC Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (adopted 2015) on renewable energy “aims to assist landowners, developers, builders and other relevant stakeholders to clarify how Policy ENV7 - Renewable Energy in the Black Country Core Strategy (2011) should be applied”.

The use of canal water for heating or cooling buildings is identified as renewable energy technology in the SPD. Any Energy Assessment proposing use of such technology should demonstrate evidence of consultation with the Canal & River Trust.

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