In a qualifying document

The only qualifying document that can currently grant permission in principle (PiP) is a Brownfield Register, which is produced by the local planning authority (LPA).

There are two parts to a Brownfield Register – part 1 and part 2.

Before entering a site into part 1 of the register the LPA may carry out consultation as they see fit and must take into account any representations received. We’re happy to comment at this stage if a LPA consults us. Entry on Part 2 of the register allocates the land and grants PiP.

Before LPAs enter land onto Part 2 of the register, they must follow the procedures on publicity and notification and on consultation. We’re a statutory consultee on proposals to enter a site onto part 2 of the register when we’d have been a statutory consultee on a planning application for the development proposed. If you’re a LPA looking to allocate a site have a look at our when to consult us and what we’re interested in pages. 

Further information will be made available on our role in PiP granted via other qualifying documents, as and when the relevant processes have been announced by government.

Last date edited: 18 August 2017