When there is too much water in the canal, we try to remove the excess water as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the canal.

Flood damage Flood damage

With the monitoring we have in place across the canals and rivers we are able to see what is happening in specific areas. If water levels rise, the monitoring system sends an alert and indicates to us a possible problem.

We remove excess water in a number of ways:

  • we try to ensure weirs which send water out of the canal are not blocked
  • we try to turn down the amount of water entering the canal in the flooded area
  • we try to get the water out of the canal as quickly as possible, using large valves known as sluices
  • if a canal has high water levels, it may be possible to move water through locks, down to unaffected locations

If you need information about the Flood & Water Management Act 2010 (F&WMA2010) please download our F&WMA2010 guidance notes.

When there is too much water it is sometimes unsafe to navigate along the canals and rivers. To check your planned route is currently open please take a look at our stoppage notices.

Last date edited: 4 July 2017