Water points

Our canals and rivers are lined with thousands of water points. These supply a constant stream of clean and fresh water to boaters.

How to find water points with our maps

To find details such as water points, rubbish bin sites and other boaters' facilities, on our main waterways maps you need to zoom on the map until you see the icons. You'll need to zoom in fully to see all the details. Click the red 'i' icon in the bottom right hand corner to expand the key.

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While the vast majority of them are plumbed into the mains supply we do own several bowsers (big tanks) around the country in more rural locations where we can’t access mains water. These need filling on a regular basis.

These water points also need servicing. We’re also currently undergoing a programme to standardise the water points on our network and installing new vandal free taps, which will cut down on the cost of maintenance.

Last date edited: 11 November 2020