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West India Docks

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Planning your visit

Address: West India Docks, Lawn House Close, E14 9YQ

Price: Once you're parked up, it won't cost you a thing

Toilets: Toilet are available in the nearby shopping centre

London was once the busiest port in the world. West India Docks were the first purpose-built docks to be built there. Closed in 1980, the old docks were regenerated as Canary Wharf, London's hi-tech business area.

Great for

  • Dog walking
  • Walking
  • Considerate cycling


Museum of London Docklands, Canary Wharf shopping centre, River Thames, The O2

Spot a boat

Spot barges and leisure river craft moored in West India Docks


Boat trips

  • Thames Clippers

    Boat trips along the River Thames at Masthouse Terrace and Canary Wharf Pier


  • There are lots of information boards dotted around the docks


You may see:

  • Swans and ducks
  • Cormorants are daily visitors here standing on the dock walls holding their wings out to dry or diving to the bottom in search of fish. They bring the fish to the surface to swallow, sometimes with great difficulty due to their large size.
  • Tiny pied wagtails can be seen all around the docks using their long wagging tails to help them skip and jump after flying insects.
  • Coots are one of the most adaptable of water birds using any bit of floating debris as a nest site. Look out for their unusual lobed feet as they dive in search of water plants to eat.
  • The most common fish in the docks are smelt, a favourite food of the cormorants. These small silvery fish are noted for their distinct smell of cucumber!

A happy and healthy common grey seal has been spotted a number of times swimming around the quay enjoying the cast-offs from Billingsgate fish market!


There are public pay & display car parks at Canary Wharf, Jubilee Place, Bank Street

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