Access at the Canal Museum

Everyone is welcome to the Canal Museum here in Stoke Bruerne. You'll find a level access from the car park to the canal towpath and toilet facilities, plus ramped access to the museum café and shop.

Canal Museum access ramp from carpark Canal Museum access ramp from carpark
  • Canal Museum access ramp from car park
  • disabled access from the car park to the towpath and disabled toilets
  • the towpath surface is in good condition between the museum and the tunnel entrance

Can't get to the galleries? Don't worry...

An old corn wharf mill plays host to our museum. It's a historic building itself so we're only allowed stairs up to our museum galleries, which are on the first and second floor. Sadly, there's no other wheelchair access just yet.

But you can still find out how Stoke Bruerne played its part in the history of the canals. In the ground floor you cn watch our short films showcasing the museum, our early archive footage of the Grand Union Canal from London to Birmingham, and an evocative celebration of canals in the 1970s.

Plus you'll find our tactile map of Stoke Bruerne and an audio trail designed for you to use either with the tactile map, or while you’re taking the towpath to either our nature trails or to the tunnel.

Canal Museum mobility parking bay

Last date edited: 21 September 2017