We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Windmill End

Windmill End is the perfect spot for a family afternoon of exploring the canalside. Enjoy a waterside walk, keeping an eye out for the historic Cobbs Engine House and beautiful cast iron bridges. Take bikes along and follow one of the designated trails, or relax with a picnic and watch out for passing boats and wildlife - you might be lucky enough to spot a Grey Heron or water vole!

General information

Address: Bumble Hole Nature Reserve Windmill End, Netherton, DY2 9HU

Visit time: 2 hours

Price: Once you're parked up, it won't cost you a thing

Parking: Parking available at Bumble Hole Visitor Centre

Toilets: There are toilets at the café and visitor centre

Free visitor guide

Great for

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Canoeing
  • Sightseeing


Cobbs Engine House, Bumble Hole Nature Reserve, Netherton Tunnel, Merry Hill, Birmingham

Spot a boat

You'll see lots of boats in the summer months


Picnic spot

There are a number of picnic spots around the nature reserve


  • Windmill End Nature Trail and Windmill End Dudley Walk, part of the Dudley No. 2 arts trail, eductaion trail


You may see:

  • Swans
  • Ducks
  • Coots/Moorhens

If you keep your eyes peeled you'll see the usual canal wildlife, such as ducks and Grey Herons, plus lots of bats including Daubenton's and Pipistrelles. The area was once a stronghold for the water vole but numbers have declined in recent years