Dudley No 2 Canal

This suburban canal is dotted with reminders of its industrial history, including black-and-white footbridges and a derelict brick engine house.

Windmill End and the Dudley No 2 Windmill End and the Dudley No 2
Dudley no 2 Canal  
Length 5.5. miles
Locks None
Maximum boat dimensions
Guide only - weather conditions can affect water levels
  • Length
  • Width
  • Draught
  • Headroom
  • 21.34m 70ft
  • 2.13m 7ft
  • 1.22m 4ft
  • 1.98m 6ft 6"

The Dudley No. 2 Canal connects to the Dudley No. 1 Canal at one end, and, at the other, ends at Hawne Basin, near Halesowen. Beyond this, you can still trace the derelict section of the line known as the Lapal Canal. Vounteers from the Lapal Canal Trust are working hard to restore this part of the waterway to its former glory.

The Bumble Hole arm of the Dudley No. 2 Canal leads to Bumble Hole Nature Reserve. Here the once-industrial landscape has been reborn as a tranquil haven with grassland, ponds, wild flowers and birds. It is a great place for walkers and cyclists to explore, and the visitor centre is run by the local community.

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