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Torksey Lock

Before the railways were built, ships sailed inland as far as Shardlow. Torksey Lock was the scene of much activity as ships and shallow bottomed barges called ketches passed through. Today it is still a working river but now better known as a wonderful place to spot wildlife, perfect for a visit with the kids.

General information

Address: Torksey Lock, Lincoln, LN1 2EH

Visit time: 1hr - 2hrs

Price: It won't cost you a thing

Parking: There’s a small car park for visitors to the lock and tea room (there is no charge for this car park)

Toilets: For customers of the local pub/café

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Great for

  • Dog walking
  • Walking

Spot a boat

It's a popular mooring spot for boaters, so you should be able to spot boats year-round


  • Torksey Lock Tea Room

    Lock House Tea Room,Torksey Lock, Lincoln LN1 2EH

  • White Swan

    White Swan, Newark Road, Torksey Lock, Lincoln, LN1 2EJ

Picnic spot

There are a couple of benches, and plenty of grassy spaces for laying down a picnic blanket


You may see:

  • Ducks