Winter stoppages

We never stop working to improve our canals and rivers, so that they make life better by water for everyone, every day.

Each winter, when fewer boats are cruising our waterways, we usually carry out essential repairs and maintenance. In many cases we need to close the waterways completely, and sometimes even the towpath.

We also work with third-party companies, such as Network Rail, to enable them to carry out their own works during the winter period, where these affect our canals and rivers.

Winter works Programme 2023/24

Thank you to all those who commented on our draft winter 2023/24 programme.

The list has now been published and you can see the individual stoppages in the main search function below. You can also download the full list of 2023/24 winter stoppages as a pdf. This pdf is updated regularly.

We aim to deliver the winter programme as published. However, changes are occasionally required. Change will only be made where necessary and the website and pdf will be updated accordingly. Please sign up to our email alerts to keep up to date.