Winter stoppages

Each winter, we take the opportunity of reduced cruising activity to concentrate effort on essential repairs and maintenance to the canals. In many cases we have to close the waterway and occasionally the towpath.

Before we carry out our winter maintenance programme we like to consult the people who use our waterways. We want to make sure that our winter stoppages cause as little disruption as possible.

We've now put together the second draft of our winter maintenance programme, following feedback on our initial plans. Please take the time to look through our revised programme and give us any further feedback that you have by Friday 4 August.

Our programme planners will then review all comments and finalise the winter maintenance programme for 2017/18. We’ll publish the finalised plans at the end of the summer.

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There are three different ways to search for planned winter stoppages. You can download a PDF of all our stoppages, download maps of our different regions or use the search option on this page to search by canal, region or date.

To comment on a stoppage please use the search option and select an individual stoppage. You will then be able to submit your comments online.

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