Kelly, Foxton Top Lock Cafe Kelly, Foxton Top Lock Cafe

Meet Kelly at Foxton Top Lock

The Canal & River Trust leased the café to my Dad originally, eleven years ago. In all that time we've seen the canals getting more and more popular and that's good for our trade - our café is definitely busier now than when my dad first started the business. 

A few of the local boaters come up here for their breakfast every day, and then throughout the daytime I get to meet all sorts of people from passing boats, walkers, cyclists and lots of families on days out. Of course the most popular thing they all want is one of our specialised locally made ice creams! I love our ice cream myself, but I try not to eat too much of it!

Cafe at Foxton Locks

This part of the Grand Union Canal is lovely, and the history of Foxton Locks adds something extra to the experience for our customers. The building that our café is housed in was once the old lockkeeper's cottage. We've got a life-sized model here of John Cryer, the old lockkeeper. It can be amusing to watch him because he quite often surprises a lot of my customers when they realise he's not a real living person!

Kelly, serving in the Foxton Locks cafe

It's nearly five o'clock and I'll be closing soon. After my ten years here I can definitely say this really is a nice place to work - but at the end of the day I'm always ready to get home for the kids!

Kelly, Foxton Top Lock, Grand Union Canal Leicester Section