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Lady in hat standing in front of canal Location: Birmingham Canal Mainline

Meet Katie

"Last Christmas I was living alone after splitting with my boyfriend. When the relationship ended, both he and I had an opportunity to do and go where we wanted. He is a teacher and went to Kuwait within a few months for work - I was proud of him, but I envied his fearlessness. I’d always wanted to move to London, but didn’t have the confidence to go alone. I was terrified to leave the job and home I’d worked hard to get, so I ended up staying. I felt alone and trapped.

One day an old friend phoned me out of the blue - she was moving to London. We spoke for hours; she made the move that I was so scared of sound easy and even fun. I felt so empowered by her enthusiasm; she was so excited and encouraging. Within a matter of weeks I was packing. I found a lodger for my apartment and a space became available in the house in London that my friend was moving to. Even the house was perfect; friendly housemates, a reasonable commute to work and just by the River Lee – ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city at the weekend. Everything fell into place.

In the New Year I finally had the new beginning I’d been so afraid of. I’m now living the life in London I’d always wanted with great friends around me. I’m having the time of my life."

Katie, visiting Birmingham Canal Mainline