A navvy at Bath Deep Lock A navvy at Bath Deep Lock

Meet John, a canal navvy at Bath Deep Lock

I don't know why everyone laughs at me when they look at me.

“We're the navigation group and we work hard on the inland navigation. It's going to be a lot wetter when we fill her up with water I tell you. It's not just going to be a dry ditch forever.”

“We're a big team and we move around the country as a team. Some people say that we like too much beer, and we cause trouble - but I don't know about that, it's just a bit of mothers' ruin.”

“My fellow navvy here has been laying puddle clay to stop the canal from leaking. We've been seeing if we can get all the people who are visiting the Bath Deep Lock Open Day to apply puddle clay to seal up the sides of the canal today, but people are saying the weather is putting them off!”

What do you mean, 'am I talking in role'? I'm having a roll for my lunch.

Navvies at Bath Deep Lock Open Day

Actually, I think this is the first time I've ever worked on the canals. Really, I'm an actor for the Natural Theatre Company and we're here today to help the Trust with their winter open day at Bath Deep Lock. Apparently it’s the second deepest in the whole country.

Our theatre company is based in Bath and has been making people laugh around the world for 45 years. We're a combination of street theatre and historical interpretation. I'm an actor primarily, and we research the historical facts to support our performances. Canals are very exciting to research, and we've had an amazing day out on the canal meeting all the people who've visited Bath Deep Lock today.

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