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Photographer testing lens by the water Location: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Gail

"Filming mountain gorillas in Uganda is some of the most exciting work I've done. I film a lot of natural history wildlife. I've never worked with David Attenborough and I'm not sure I ever will, but I still have an element of hope. I haven't got any plans here today, I'm just kinda hoping a boat may come by, but the odd duck will do me. It's a nice day and I'm doing a test with this lens. I haven't used a camera like this for a while so this is to keep me from going rusty. It's a fixed lens with very nice glass! I do talks for younger girls at uni sometimes and these days I keep saying to myself that I'm only going to talk about my job and not about being a woman in my job because I'm fed up of girls being put off hearing how hard things are. I think if someone younger sees a woman 'doing' her job well, that is the best thing. I just tell them, "Know what you're talking about, and know you know."

This really is going to be a nice evening and the light is good from this angle because I like things to be back-lit. Look! Yes! I've got two swans in my shot."

Gail, Saul Junction, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal