Share the Space, Drop your Pace: Our towpath code

Canals and rivers can be very lively spaces. You could see cyclists, walkers, boaters, anglers, kayakers and even horses pulling boats along the water. Our Share the Space, Drop your Pace campaign encourages everyone to be more aware when using the towpaths.

Having so many different activities taking place does mean that people need to share the space considerately, and this is more important than ever when we're all following social distancing guidelines. Learn about how we’re helping you enjoy towpaths during the coronavirus epidemic.

Our Towpath Code

To make sure everyone gets the most out of their time by the water we asked you to help us develop a towpath code.

This is the result. It’s a common sense guide to sharing the towpath and what to expect of others.

1. Share the space

Towpaths are popular places to be enjoyed by everyone. Please be mindful of others. Keep dogs under control and clean up after them. 

2. Drop your pace

Pedestrians have priority on our towpaths so cyclists need to be ready to slow down. If you're in a hurry, consider using an alternative route for your journey. 

3. It's a special place

Our waterways are living history with boats, working locks and low bridges, sp please give way to waterway uses and be extra careful where visibility is limited. 

Last date edited: 5 June 2020