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Waterways web form to improve customer service

The Trust is making it easier for boaters to get their enquiries answered quickly by introducing a new web contact form on its website.

Planning your route in advance will help you find good mooring spots

The move will improve customer service by putting people in touch with the most appropriate team or information source at the first point of contact. This will speed up the time it takes for boaters to get information and provide a more efficient service.

The form will be live from Monday 24 October at: Ways to contact us

Carron Smith, Head of customer experience at the Trust, explains: "At the moment, our service team receive thousands of emails each month. In some cases it's not immediately clear what information customers need and the team may go back and forth several times before they're able to give the customer precisely what they're after. On many occasions the information the customer is looking for is already available on our website.

"The new form should help us to reduce our response times on email correspondence by getting each enquiry sent straight to the most relevant and knowledgeable people at the Trust or directing the customer straight to the answer online if the information is already available on our website. We hope boaters will appreciate the time saved and the straightforward service achieved by going straight to the source.

"Over the next few months we'll be monitoring the use of the form together with customer feedback to ensure the service improvements are achieved."

The form will replace the current [email protected] email address, which will continue to run side-by-side with the new form until Tuesday 3 January 2017. After this date customers emailing customer services will be redirected to the web form.

Last Edited: 25 October 2016

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