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Surveying boaters' views

We've invited a third of boat licence holders to complete a short survey asking for views on us and the upkeep of its waterways.

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The Annual Perceptions Survey is issued via SNAP Surveys to licence holders by email, or by text or post where an email address for a boater is unavailable. The survey is available for completion until Friday 5 May, with the results published in late spring.

Sharing your thoughts

Matthew Symonds, our national boating manager, said: “The Annual Perceptions Survey is a great way for boaters to share their thoughts and feelings, so we can get a good sense of how we are doing as a charity and where improvements can be made.

“Although busier than ever before, the network is facing some significant financial challenges – notably the continuing decline in real-terms income from government. This is at a time when our ageing infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to the extreme weather from climate change. Our priority is the core fabric of the waterways, including the thousands of locks, bridges, aqueducts and other historic structures that make up the canal network, so that we can continue to preserve navigation and maintain the integrity of the infrastructure. This means we are having to make some difficult choices and raise funds and save money wherever possible. It's more important than ever that you make your voices heard if you are invited to take part.”

The survey

The survey of randomly selected boaters is an annual snapshot. It asks boaters how well they think the waterways are being maintained, whether they would recommend the waterways, and their overall satisfaction with the Trust's waterways.

The Annual Perceptions Survey is complemented by sample boater surveys carried out during the summer months. These are sent to a sample of boaters who are sighted out on the waterways each month and are intended to record boaters' immediate cruising experience.

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Last Edited: 04 April 2023

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