News article created on 16 March 2020

Macclesfield canal re-opens to boats following repairs

We have completed work to repair the Macclesfield Canal at Bollington, Cheshire, so people can continue to enjoy this popular spot

Workers pouring concrete in canal Macclesfield canal repairs

We have spent over £1 million refurbishing an eighty metre section of the 200-year old canal. Over 220 tonnes of concrete was used to reline the canal bed to prevent water leaking out.

Stonemasons used traditional methods to rebuild a sixty six metre section of canal wash wall, and the towpath was resurfaced to remove potholes and puddles and make it a safer space for walking and cycling.

Maintaining a popular canal

Darren Spann, our project manager said: “The Macclesfield Canal is a hugely popular canal used by the community every day to go for a walk or cycle along, and visited by thousands of boaters each year. This section of the canal is particularly appreciated due to its setting as it passes the impressive Clarence Mill.

“People are happier and healthier when they spend time by the water and the repairs to the canal bed and transformation of the towpath mean that people will be able to continue to enjoy this stunning canal.”

A direct link between Manchester and the Midlands

The 26-mile Macclesfield Canal was designed as a direct link between Manchester and the Midlands. It was one of the last narrow-gauge canals (locks 7ft wide) to be built by famous canal engineer Thomas Telford.

Navigation will be open on 13 March, and the towpath upgrade is expected to be completed by 4 April.