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Women in engineering

Engineering is a vital part of what we do at the Trust. We couldn’t keep our 2,000 mile network of canals and rivers in good working order without our skilled team of engineers. On International Women in Engineering Day, we speak to two of our female engineers.

Canal & River Trust staff at an Open Day. Canal & River Trust staff at an Open Day.

Industry professionals fear that Britain is facing a serious shortfall in engineers. In contrast to other professions which have a roughly 50/50 split between the sexes, women make up less than 10% of the engineering sector in the UK.

By contrast, we’re proud that the Trust is bucking this trend, with a large number of women engineers working in many areas of our business.

We hope that by sharing some of their stories, we can encourage more people to consider a career in this field.  

Find out more from Amy and Samantha.

Last date edited: 22 June 2017