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Why we think canals are better with Friends

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A mother and daughter walking along the Regent's Canal Regent's Canal

Life slows down

Not in a dragging ‘it’s Friday afternoon and I’m in a two-hour meeting’ kind of way. More like ‘I’ve forgotten about that two hour meeting, I’m surrounded by nature and life’s good right now’. Our canals and rivers are an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they’re an antidote to office stress and they’re always there, ready to welcome you.

A family feeding a duckYou’ll strengthen bonds with others

Become a Friend of the Trust and you’ll join thousands of people who already care about our waterways and believe in the importance of protecting them. As well as helping us to make your local canal a nicer place for the community, you’ll also help us to make sure the waterways are the best place for you to make long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

You’ll become an expert at pub quizzes

When you become a Friend we’ll email you regular stories and podcasts with all sorts of fascinating facts about the wildlife that lives on our waterways and the unique story of how they were built. Your general knowledge will come on in leaps and bounds and you’ll be the most coveted member of any pub quiz team.

Kingfisher perched on branchYou’re more likely to spot a kingfisher

Become a Friend and we’re sure you’ll pay more visits to our canals and rivers. Visit enough times and you’re almost guaranteed to spot the electric-blue flash of this plucky little bird. In our annual Great Nature Watch, kingfishers were the second most spotted species (after water voles) and spotting one is always a huge thrill.  

We’ll tell you stories

Without exception, people who love canals are interesting people. They all have fascinating stories to tell and we love discovering them and sharing them with you. Whether it’s a professional violinist who brews his own beer on his boat or the motorcycle enthusiast who lives aboard her floating herb shop, we’ll bring you the quirkiest and inspiring stories from the water.

You’ll play a part in the history of our waterways

Our canals were built to carry freight. When they were no longer the most efficient way to get goods from one place to another they fell into disrepair. It’s taken years to transform them into the places that we all want to spend our precious time. However, we’ve still got a long way to go. Volunteers and donors have helped us get to where we are now but we still need your support to make sure our canals and rivers offer sanctuary to future generations. Make sure you’re part of the story.

Last date edited: 7 December 2015

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A father and daughter on the Regent's Canal