This Girl Can on a canal near you

Here at the Trust we’re proud to support This Girl Can, encouraging women everywhere to put down their tools and go for a walk at lunchtime

Reclaim your lunchtime Reclaim your lunchtime

How often on your commute home do you wish you had got out of the office at lunchtime?

Fresh air, exercise and the chance to get close to nature are a fantastic way to clear your head and revive yourself for the afternoon.

You time

In support of This Girl Can, we are calling on our supporters to get out at lunchtime and have a walk.

Reclaim your lunchtime and put a slot in your calendar, to remind yourself to get up and go. You’ll find the calm, traffic-free and welcoming atmosphere of our canals and rivers helps you put your best foot forwards.

Don't forget to join the buzz on social media and share your local walk with us. Tag us on Twitter and Instagram @CanalRiverTrust and don’t forget to use the hashtags #ThisGirlCan and #LifesBetterByWater.

Last date edited: 5 April 2019