The presents to avoid this Valentine’s Day

We’ve asked you what you’d least like to receive this year. You weren’t shy in letting us know that underwear and chocolates will not be well received.

Chocolates Chocolate courtesy of David Pacey on Flickr

Twitter pollWe’ve all been there. Valentine’s Day sneaks up and on us and before we know it we’re panic buying predictable gifts and trying to express our unwavering love with corner shop chocolates.

Underwear 40%

Undies are a minefield and 40% of you agree they are the item you’d least like to receive. Whether you go for something you think they’ll like or you go for something you like yourself, you’re heading for a difficult conversation about how well you know your partner.

Chocolate - 28%

Chocolate doesn’t last and it’s not memorable. The only thing it can really say about your relationship is ‘I didn’t know what else to buy you’. You can do better by your partner this year.

Aftershave or perfume 19%

Most people have their own preferred scent. Stray from this and you’re essentially telling your partner you don’t really like the way they smell. Don’t do this on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers 13%

Valentine’s flowers don’t exactly say ‘I’ve thought hard about this’. If you don’t choose your bunch wisely these mass-produced bouquets will be limp by the 15th, along with your partner’s enthusiasm for your relationship.

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Last date edited: 7 February 2018