Reclaim your lunchbreak

Here at the Canal & River Trust we believe that spending time by water can make us all happier and healthier and we want everyone increase their sense of wellbeing by incorporating our waterways into everyday life. One way to do this is to come and have lunch with us.

Lunch next to the canal Lunch next to the canal

Too many of us either skip our lunch breaks entirely or eat lunch at our desks, which are often dirtier than your average toilet seat. It’s bad for our posture to be sat in the same position for prolonged periods of time and it’s not great for our eyes to stare at a screen all day without rest.

The good news is that your lunch break doesn’t have to be like this. Over 2.5 million of you work within 250 metres of one of our canals or rivers and we work hard to make sure they provide a welcoming retreat away from your office. Treat yourself to lunch sitting on one of our benches and we think it will become your new favourite habit.

Our favourite lunch spots

Our canals and rivers are packed with perfect places to eat. Bring your sandwiches down to the canal and make your lunch matter.


Birmingham boasts a copious number of canals, offering many benches and great spots to sit and eat your lunch. Our canals are also heaving with great cafes and bars if you want to treat yourself on your lunchbreak. Take a look for your perfect Birmingham-based lunch spot.

Birmingham's calming retreat for the bustling city Birmingham's calming retreat for the bustling city

Leeds Waterfront

The waterways in Leeds make a welcome escape from the offices of the city centre. There are plenty of picnic benches alongside the River Aire at the top of New Dock and alongside the canal at Granary Wharf. You’ve also got a huge choice of cafes and pubs alongside the water where you can grab a bite to eat on your lunch hour.

Photo of Leeds Dock Leeds Dock


Liverpool’s waterways offer some of the finest lunchtime views in the country. Your egg mayonnaise sandwich will taste far better if you’re looking out at the Mersey than if you’re staring at facebook in your office.

Pier Head near Albert Docks, Liverpool Pier Head near Albert Docks, Liverpool


Don’t pass your time looking at pictures of beauty spots on your friends’ Instagram feeds. If you’re based in an office in Reading take yourself down to the Kennet & Avon Canal and post those pictures yourself.

The Oracle, Reading The Oracle, Reading

Last date edited: 22 June 2018