Quiz time: Get your happy

Is your glass half full, or half empty? Are you curious to know how you stack up against the rest when it comes to happiness? Take our fun quiz and find out.

How happy are you?

It's a tough question to answer, isn't it? How long is a piece of string?* Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Who cares?

Well, we care. However you score in the quiz, we know that people who spend time on our waterways are happier and healthier and we want everyone to know about it. We want to make a difference to your day.


Most people will, at some point in their lives, have to cope with stress. Our research shows that spending time by water, whether it be on your lunch break, daily commute or just a weekend stroll, really does make a difference to your day.

A bit of 'you' time

Don't feel guilty about wanting a bit of time to yourself, it's actually very good for you. Some fresh air, and a meander along our waterways is a great way to clear your head, slow down and enjoy what nature has to offer.

A helping hand

Helping others and giving your time can be a very satisfying way to spend a few hours. Volunteering in your community can provide a natural sense of achievement, pride and identity.

Get out and about

Our canals and rivers run through some of the most heavily populated communities in England and Wales, providing accessible green and blue space where it’s needed the most. So if you're not a fan of the gym or even if you are, consider jogging, canoeing, paddle-boarding or walking.

Don't be afraid of the sunshine

Beat away winter blues, or a stuffy office with 10-15 minutes outside on a nice day. Sunshine boosts levels of serotonin - the body's natural happy hormone. Combined with exercise, like a walk along the canal, it's a step forward to a happier, healthier you. (Don't forget the suncream if you're heading out for longer than 15-20 minutes).

Don't forget about friends

Having 'you' time is really important, but so is connecting with others. Regardless of age, experience, income level, position of authority or background, when you volunteer your time you are valued for the help that you bring. A great way to make friends, get some exercise and help your community. 

*It's twice as long as half its length

Last date edited: 18 June 2018