Pirates of the Lancaster Canal

A mother daughter team are hoping to encourage others to ‘live more adventurously’ after taking on a fantastic rafting journey along one of our most interesting waterways.

Addi and Athina on their pirate raft Addi and Athina on their pirate raft

Addi Man and her nine year old daughter Athina embarked on this epic journey along the scenic Lancaster Canal over six days in August 2017, camping along the way.

Setting off from Preston and and finishing just 2km before Kendal, their voyage encompassed all that Addi and Athina love in life; sports, nature and adventure. The Pirates of the Canal built an eco-friendly vessel from old office chairs, water pipes and planks.

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Addi and Athina’s trip shows people just how easy and fun it is to get into rafting and what wonderful experiences families can have together on our canals and rivers.

Addi and Athina, rafting down the canal

Now they are back, Addi and Athina are auctioning their pirate raft, Pontiki, on eBay and kindly donating their profits to the Trust.

Addi and Athina also wish to raise awareness around environmental issues, and they collected litter from the canal throughout their journey.

It isn’t the first time TeamAA have taken to the waterways, with Addi and Athina paddling the historic Liverpool & Leeds Canal in an inflatable kayak during 2016.

Last date edited: 4 October 2017