Nip out for a quick feed by the canal

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and we’d like to let all nursing mothers know that they are very welcome along our canals and rivers.

Baby next to the canal Baby next to the canal

Looking after babies is exhausting. For many mums lengthy breastfeeding sessions provide some of the only down time in a very busy day. If you’ve got a little one to feed, rather than plonking yourself down in front of a box set why don’t you settle down on one of the many benches along our canals and rivers and watch the world drift past?

Feeding in the fresh air is a wonderful experience for many mothers and our waterways offer the perfect place to do it. Whether you’re in a city centre or out in the sticks, we work hard to make sure there are plenty of spaces to stop and sit.

Breastfeeding is better by the water

We believe that life is better by water and that many of our everyday tasks from walking the dog to cycling to walk are more enjoyable if done next to our canals. Breast feeding is just another everyday thing we think you’ll enjoy more by water.

Many of us can be a bit nervous about feeding in public. However, Victoria Spires, a new mum explains: “I felt nervous feeding in public at first, but I realised that everyone else was far too caught up in their own lives to worry about what I was doing. Now I have come to relish the chance to get outside in the fresh air and take it all in.”

If you need some support you can bundle a coat up and pop it under your arm or even bring a pillow along in the bottom of your pushchair. There are plenty of cafes along and around our waterways where you can pick yourself up a drink and a snack to keep you going.

Last date edited: 1 August 2018