Liam Joe's Meditative Series

We believe that life is better by water and that spending time by water can make us feel happier and healthier. Join Liam as he takes us takes us on a meditative series by our blue waters and feel better with mindfulness and relaxation.

Liam first became involved with the Trust through the Roundhouse Birmingham project, and the project developed into a series of sessions for our staff, with virtual sessions to help their wellbeing during the Coronavirus and with the move to increased home-working. We're continuing to develop this and share this wonderful mix of boxing and meditation to a wider audience, the developing these videos reinforce that the Canalside environment is a great place to unwind.

Liam said, “I’ve been a fitness coach for over 10 years as a PT and Class Instructor. After experiencing stress in the workplace several years ago, I decided to create a unique therapy of my own, ‘Stress Box’ - a class combining boxing and mindfulness. My purpose is to help the everyday person with everyday stress.

"I worked closely with local filmmaker, Lorna Nickson Brown, to capture the mental focus and movement philosophy of StressBox.

"I hope viewers enjoy the journey and the films encourage people to get out there and practice their own meditation on the canals.”


Last date edited: 15 September 2021