How we’ve been supporting the Northern Powerhouse

Hear more about how we're supporting the Northern Powerhouse.

STEM educational workshop

The Northern Powerhouse is focused on boosting the local economy by investing in education and skills, enterprise and innovation, connectivity and transport, quality of life, and trade and investment.

As a Northern Powerhouse partner, we are supporting this initiative by utilizing our STEM ambassadors to deliver content across our waterways in three different ways:

  1. Last week we’ve had our first STEM Ambassador training session. STEM Ambassadors are STEM professionals who are enthusiastic about passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation by visiting schools, for workshops, careers talks and mentoring. This means in the coming weeks Ambassadors from the Trust will be going into schools to help educate about STEM.
  2. Next week (7 November) we are training our existing education volunteers on how to deliver our STEM workshops, which are all about various scientific and engineering aspects of the canals. These will be delivered to KS3 students.
  3. One of our STEM activities – a workshop on canal and river maintenance has recently been CREST Accredited, this means that by completing one of our STEM projects students can earn a CREST Award. CREST is the UK’s biggest scheme for accredited science projects.  


Last date edited: 1 November 2017