How to love life more in Liverpool

Most of us could do with getting a bit more exercise. Activity helps us to feel better in both body and mind, with numerous studies showing the tangible benefits of increasing the amount of time we dedicate to keeping fit.

Albert Dock Albert Dock

The great news is that if you live in Liverpool you’ve got access to miles of traffic-free towpaths where you can walk, run, cycle and even kayak. Over the past 10 years we’ve worked hard to rejuvenate the area’s waterways and continue to do so. Whether you live in Netherton, Bootle or Kirkdale, the perfect place to start an exercise programme is within striking distance.


Walking is one of the best ways to get active and a 10-minute walk counts towards your weekly recommended 150 minutes of exercise. It’s free and almost everyone can get involved. The trick is to try and make it a habit so think about incorporating a walk along our towpaths on your commute to work, getting out for some fresh air in your lunch break or looping one of our canals into your regular dog walk.

Liverpool’s towpaths lend themselves perfectly to walking as they cut through some of the most built up areas of the city. Escape the congested streets in Litherland and make the Leeds & Liverpool Canal part of your weekly routine.

Running in Albert Docks Running in Albert Docks


Whether you’re already a runner or you’ve never run before, Liverpool’s towpaths are a great place to take a jog and we think that running along the canal is better for you than running along the road.

If you’re just starting out then taking your mind off of what your body is doing is a great way to increase how far you can run and our canals can help you do this. There’s so much to see, whether you’re running alongside Albert Docks or through Aintree.


We love to see considerate cyclists using our towpaths to get out and about. If you live towards the north of Liverpool and work in the city centre then why not consider using one of our towpaths to commute into work?

You’ll avoid the crush and pollution of the roads and arrive at work in a more refreshed state. A ride along the canal from Litherland to business district in the north of the city takes just 20 minutes and it’s far better for you than tackling the same journey by road.

If you’re heading to the Baltic Triangle from the north of the city avoid the chaos of The Strand and use the canal instead. It’s only 200-metres away from the road but it’s a world away from six lanes of rush hour traffic.

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal isn’t only good for commuting though. Try using it to escape the city as well. Within 30 minutes you can travel from Maghull or Melling to the middle of the countryside, meaning that you can make the most of our long summer nights and take a ride after work or incorporate it into your weekend plans.

Girls canoeing Girls canoeing


Kayaking is a great way to get active and almost everyone can take part. It’s low impact so if your knees aren’t up to running, give paddling a go. You can hire kayaks and make your own way around Albert Docks or take part in a more formal course.

However you decide to take to the water, you’ll be kayaking in one of the world’s most recognised docks, where you can enjoy the benefits of being active in a remarkable historical setting.

Last date edited: 18 May 2018