How to avoid the Euros this summer

If the idea of a month’s worth of saturated TV coverage and pubs stuffed with drunken know-it-alls horrifies you then check out our guide to avoiding the Euro 2016 chaos.

A peaceful scene at Hanwell on the Grand Union Canal Hanwell, Grand Union Canal

1 - Cancel your TV licence and throw your TV out. Stock up with a month’s worth of baked beans and frozen pizza. Close your curtains and don’t leave your house during the entire tournament.

2 - Our first tip doesn’t sound very pleasant so why not take a boat trip instead? Whether you search out a last-minute holiday or just book a day’s worth of cruising, our waterways will reward you with almost total isolation from the beautiful game. You’ll be able to enjoy peaceful cruising through our green and pleasant land without a hint of Wayne Rooney.

3 - If your other half is a football fanatic  then consider finding new friends for the month or join a pottery class or take up bell ringing.

4 - Enjoy a day out by the water. Plan a picnic, visit a tea room, take a stroll and feed the ducks. There are plenty of non-football related ways to spend time next to one of our canals or rivers. If you’re after some inspiration then download one of our free guides complete with activities for your kids.

5 - Visit a museum. Whether you opt for the National Gallery, the Lake District’s infamous Pencil Museum or our very own National Waterways Museum you’ll escape the sporting crowds and learn more about our country’s fascinating history and culture. Of course we’d recommend visiting one of our museums or attractions where you can take a boat trip and enjoy the water as well as the culture.

If you’ve thought of any ways to avoid the World Cup that we haven’t please feel free to email us and let us know. We’ll post the best suggestions on this page.

Last date edited: 9 June 2016