Have a magical summer

Playing outside until dinner time, climbing trees and making dens. These are all memories we cherish from our own childhoods. However, our children are experiencing very different summers as so many of them are choosing to spend their time indoors, attached to their tablets and computers.

A young boy enjoying the summer Enjoying the summer

We want to reverse this trend. Here at the Canal & River Trust we want children to reclaim their childhood, head outside and enjoy the adventures that are right on their doorstep. It’s time to stop exploring virtual worlds and embrace the real world.

The benefits of outdoor play really can’t be over-estimated. Head outside with your kids and we bet you’ll all make lasting memories, laugh together and even sleep better. What are you waiting for?

We’ve also got plenty of summer activity inspiration for you on our own website. Take a look at these features and make the time to enjoy some quality time with your little ones this summer.

Last date edited: 6 November 2017