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This study has now closed. We will be sharing the results soon.

We’ve teamed up with partners Kings College London, J&L Gibbons and Nomad Projects to bring you the Urban Mind app, a digital tool to help you monitor how the environments you experience daily affect your mood.

At a set time each day, you’re asked to evaluate where you are, what you’re doing, whether you can see trees, plants or water; and how you are feeling mentally. The app creates a personalised wellness diary which can help you discover the relationship between your surroundings and your health.

We will be closing the study to new participants on 17 May, so make sure you download the app today. 

Largest ever study

Not only will you learn more about your own wellbeing, you will also be taking part in The Trust’s largest ever citizen science study to record the wellbeing benefits of spending time beside water. The information you anonymously enter will feed into an academic study that will enable us to better understand the health benefits of waterways.

In turn, this will help us make the case to partners and funders of the importance of looking after and investing in Britain’s former industrial canals and rivers for the benefit of everyone.

Stop and look around you

People aged 16 and over can take part by simply downloading our bespoke app onto your smart phone. Then, three times a day over the following two weeks, you will be prompted to answer ‘in the moment’ questions about how you feel and the environment around you. On each occasion it takes about one minute to complete the survey.

You will then be able to access an individualised report summarising your experiences. This could shed light on how being in different types of places, such as being close to birds, trees and water, affects your mood, as well as contributing to a wider study of the impact of different environments on mental health and wellbeing.

Urban mind, citizen science in action Urban mind, citizen science in action

Urban Mind

The Canal & River Trust citizen science project, which launched on 21 September, is run on the Urban Mind app. The survey is totally confidential, and participants are not asked to provide their name, phone, email or any other information which could identify them.

Find out more about Urban Mind and discover how data will be used and privacy protected.



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Last date edited: 18 May 2021