Five things that are better by the canal

We believe that life is better by water and whatever you’re doing, doing it by water makes it more enjoyable. Here are five things that we think are better if you do them next to our canals. Try and incorporate our waterways into your weekly routine and we believe you’ll be healthier and happier as a result.


If you’re already a runner why don’t you see how much more enjoyable your run is if you swap the pavement for the towpath? We believe that running next to our canals is better for you than running along the road and as well as being healthier it will also make you feel better.

If you’re new to running our canals are the perfect place to get started. Being fairly flat and offering much more rewarding views than our streets, our towpaths will help you get started and find the motivation to keep running.

Running by the canal Running by the canal


We all know that eating lunch at our desks is bad for us, yet so many of us are guilty of it. Challenge yourself to eat your lunch outside at least one a week and we think it will become your new favourite habit.

Stop staring at your computer screen and take your sandwich along to your nearest canal or find a waterside pub and grab a bite to eat.

Having lunch next to the canal Lunch by the water


While our canals make great free family days out every day of the year, they also host a huge range of events. Rather than forking out for a family ticket to the cinema or spending the morning in a dingy soft play centre, take a look for a family-friendly festival along our waterways, many of which are free.

Explorers drawing event


Spending time appreciating art is a great way to improve our sense of wellbeing and we think that our canals make an idyllic setting for a variety of different artworks and performances. This is why we’ve partnered with Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Wales to bring you an exciting programme of art along the waterways.

Our canals and rivers are also lined with more permanent works art ranging from the murals in Oxford to the space walk on the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal there are plenty of artworks waiting to be discovered at your local canal.

Burnley Canal Festival 2017 - image Huckleberry Films


Most of us walk somewhere every day, whether it’s walking the dog, walking to the shops or walking to work. Most of these walks are along the roadside and just form part of the daily grind.

We think that by swapping some of your route or even taking a short detour to incorporate our canals and rivers, you’ll enjoy your walk more and be healthier for it. Find a canal near you and take to the towpath.

Walking by the canal Walking by the canal

Last date edited: 27 June 2018