Enjoy a summer of cycling

Are you in need of recharging?

Our canals and rivers offer spaces on your doorstep to relax and reconnect when we need them the most.

More than ever before, our towpaths offer much needed green space where people can exercise, relax and feel better. This summer, we welcome everyone to our towpaths, on bikes or on foot, and simply ask that you are kind to each other and observe social distancing guidelines.

Family cycling and running on the towpath Family cycling and running on the towpath

We want everyone to enjoy visiting our canals and rivers. More than anything, we want people to be safe and, in this time of social distancing, this is something that we all need to play a part in, so please take extra care.

Please make sure you follow the towpath code and remember it’s the little things that count. If you’re on a bike or running, making eye contact and smiling can help others around you feel reassured, especially if they're moving at a slower pace. While we’re all keeping physically distant, these small gestures can also keep us connected.

Take it easy

Towpaths are great places for exercise, but they’re not the place for time trials or getting your personal best. If you're running or cycling, you need to slow down around others or take a different route.

Taking a gentle cycle ride, a jog or a stroll along our canals and rivers is one of the best way to feel happier and healthier. As a charity, it is our aim to make sure our towpaths offer a welcome to all, so that you can benefit from our traffic-free waterside routes whenever you need them.

In challenging times it’s important to be kind, both to yourself and to others. We want you to enjoy spending time by water, and by keeping to a slow and steady pace, you’ll be helping others to enjoy their much-needed time outside as well.

Learn more about how we’re helping you enjoy towpaths during the coronavirus epidemic.

Last date edited: 10 July 2020