Create an outside office

Our canals aren’t just pretty places to visit. Thanks to our ongoing efforts to make our canals welcoming to everybody you really can work, live and play by the water. So, the next time you’re facing a dreary meeting, why not move it to your local canal or river and unleash your creativity?

A man working on a laptop next to the canal Apsley, Grand Union Canal

We all know that sitting in meetings can be a bore. Uninspiring plain walls, questionable coffee and some turgid PowerPoint slides if you’re lucky. Here at the Canal & River Trust we don’t believe that’s the way to get the best from people so we’d like to challenge you to move your next meeting to the canal.

On the towpath 

Public Health England has recently been promoting walking meetings as a way to combat stress and reduce back pain in the office. There’s no downside to this. As well as creating happier workers and bringing down barriers between colleagues, there’s a good chance fewer sick days will be taken and more will get done.

If you’re having a one to one with your line manager or another colleague why don’t you take a stroll along your nearest towpath while you do it? We don’t just keep the towpath in good condition. We make sure that all of our canals and rivers are the perfect place for relaxing, so if you need to scribble something down there are plenty of benches where you can take seat and get your notepad out.

Canalside pub a CosgroveIn the pub

We work tirelessly to make sure our towpaths are open and accessible year-round. However, try as we might we can’t control the weather. This doesn’t mean you have to take your meeting back to the office though. There are hundreds of pubs with windows looking out over our canals and rivers, where you can schedule a meeting and benefit from the creativity our waterways will inspire.

Book a room

We understand that sometimes you do need a more conventional meeting space. If you’re holding a meeting but still looking for somewhere to spark some creativity then our museums and attractions can play their part. You can book rooms at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, Standedge Tunnel and the Anderton Boat Lift. At Gloucester Waterways Museum you can even hire a recently refurbished boat to hold your meeting on.


Last date edited: 10 November 2017