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Canals can combat stress

Here at the Trust we’ve worked with GPs and other health experts, who all agree, taking time out on the canals and rivers is good for you.

Having a coffee next to the canal

A simple step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, onto the towpath and you're instantly in a whole new world. Even in the heart of the busiest cities and towns, you're never far from a cool, calm canal. A place to take a deep breath, shut out the noise and take life at your own pace.

Stephen Fry

'Right in the middle of a modern bustling jangling city, then in moments you're walking for miles along a green fringed canal watching herons catching breakfast.'

Dr Philippa Moreton actively encourages her patients to explore their local waterways to relieve stress. She believed in the healing powers of the towpath so much, she even donated money to the Trust to help protect her local canals.

It's because of that kind of generous support that our expert staff and dedicated volunteers can continue their work to make life better by water - for everyone.

Get out there and enjoy your local canal

There's a whole world of new and interesting places to explore and enjoy. Whether it's urban water sports, running, cycling, relaxing with a coffee, meeting friends or popping into a floating bookshop, you'll find your own space on the canal.

It's a space to breathe, a place to sit, to take time for you

Your local canal has a great deal to offer and we're working hard to make sure that there's always something going on across the whole country.

We work with artists, we visit schools and we engage with local community groups. We do it because we believe in bringing people together, to spark creativity and give people places to escape to.

Your local canal is more alive than ever before, it's a perfect place to relax. So take some time out this month and take a fresh look at the canals and rivers where you are.


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Last Edited: 02 March 2021

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