Canal puzzles and games

Take a break and enjoy some online canal-themed puzzles, crosswords, quizzes and games.

Spring is here and there's plenty to do along our canals this time of year, and we know that getting out in the fresh air can do wonders for our health and happiness. We also know that it's not always a go-to when the weather is too wet or too sticky, or perhaps, you just want to avoid the crowds.

For those times when you'd rather stretch your mind instead of your legs, we've got some games for you to enjoy. Grab a refreshing drink and while away the longer evenings with a crossword or two.

Help protect canals for nature

With so much of the nation's nature under threat, help our precious wildllife find the canal habitats they need. #ActNowForCanals today, so that together we can make our waterways a wonderful, thriving corridor of life.

Last date edited: 13 June 2022